Access card battles worth it?

So I've recently leveled up and unlocked these battles and i dont feel like they are worth it at all.
You have 1 hour to do as many missions as possible (at least that is what I thought in the beginning), the problem is that I only get to play 2 missions since each mission costs you 50 energy (yeah 50 :| ). That means you only have time for 2 battles. Since it was so hard to do many missions because you run out of energy pretty fast and takes a while to recover, I thought they would reward you with big items and or money... Well they seem to be OK but nothing amazing worth 50 energy...
So if anyone could explain what is the purpose of these battles, perhaps you need to be lvl 70 for this to be worth, or you need to do 10 battles in a row (so far i've done like 3 in a row and didn't find anything amazing)... Perhaps this is something made to force ppl to spend crystals on recovering energy...
Thank you for reading this


  • Triqui
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    I wont touch them with a 10' pole unless I'm 70 and already maxed in gear
  • I do the profit mining challenge once in a while, sacrificing shard farming etc for the day. At level 67, top toons all at or near 7 stars, credits are a real issue with me. Bought the credit packs a couple of times, never got the 2x or whatever. Spending crystals on the battles give more bang for the buck. Training droids I have in the 1000s with all the farming we all do.
  • The only reason to do them is to get the achievement. Neither is worth it. They recently bumped the credit one up to 110k or something, still not worth 50 energy imo.
  • I was skeptical. I ran one when I first unlocked them and thought it was lame. Recently I've needed a lot of training droids and decided to give it a go again. If you're willing to use at last 2-3 energy refills on them, they're worth it. Now that I've promoted a bunch of characters and used all those training droids, I need to start doing the credit ones. Since I'm F2P this is basically an entire day's worth of energy including the refills since I can't afford as many.

    Tl;dr I recommend them as long as you can added to blow a few energy refills on it
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