Any chance they'll remove some filler characters from chromium packs?

Obviously, barring a Dev chiming in, responses will all be speculative, but just thought I'd get opinions.

With the upcoming release of new toons looking like it will likely go live in February, it would be nice if some of the "filler characters" were removed from chromium packs to increase the chances of getting more desired toons.
  • I'm not talking about removing all of the filler toons
  • I'm not talking about removing more desirable first gen toons
  • I'm not talking about removing farming locations for filler toons
  • And I'm sure there will be filler toons with the new content.

I'm simply talking about pulling out a few of them to improve drop rates for the new content and more desirable characters

I'm guessing its not likely because of both the upcoming shard shop and because it's an advantage for CG/EA to have the filler toons in the packs, but wanted to have the conversation to see what others thoughts were.


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    I agree both that it would be nice and that they're not going to do it.

    However, even if they did, there is still no way I'm buying Chromiums again. About the only thing they're good for is boosting Vader (unless you plan on spending $000s). The only way I'd consider buying Chromiums again is if they added each and every Chromium hero to a single hard mode node (at ~1 shard per day, it'd hardly let F2P compete with OB1 (for example), but at least I could get my 20/25 Leia to 3*).

    Another options would be to have 3 levels of cards, Bronzium like currently, "Silverium" which can be bought for crystals/cantina/arena/GW currency (with a smattering of older premium shards/toons but mostly F2P toons/shards), and then Chromium like currently. I think Silverum could cost 100 crystal, 100 cantina, 200 arena or 300 GW. And by older premium toons, I mean that if the February update adds Yoda to Chromium, he'd not be available from Silverium, but Lando/OB1/Leia/etc. would be.
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    no chance at all. removing the garbage would result in a better chance to get the character you are looking for, which would result in you spending less money on chromium packs. there is very little chance that EA (not CG, as i believe every pricing model comes from EA) will ever do anything that results in them generating less revenue. I can guess what they are doing now is brainstorming how they could add gear, credits, and training droids to chromium to make it pay out less of what people are looking for. dont think for a second that they dont have meetings designed around the basis of how to squeeze a little more from all IAPs.
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    Amalthea wrote: »
    Another options would be to have 3 levels of cards, Bronzium like currently, "Silverium"

    I see where you're going here, but I'm going to have to disagree with your naming here and ask that you come up with something better than Silverium. It just doesn't roll off the tongue very well ;)

  • QGJM
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    What about the Name "plutonium packs"? Nuke away even bigger and faster your money. :smiley:
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    There was mention of adamantium packs in the game tips in the shipment menu. Not sure if that tip still scrolls. edit: i saw it scroll through today while collecting bronzium. it still says collect aurodium and chromium packs, they are they only to collect exclusive characters.
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    I can definitely get behind Plutonium and Adamantium. I suppose I could live with Aurodium if I had to :smile:
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