What would you do?

I am currently running zMaul (L) g11, Palpatine g10, Nihilus g10, Boba g11, and Shoretrooper g10 for arena. I am coming up on my second zeta and am wanting to use it very soon. I was either thinking of giving it to Nihilus for his unique or for Kylo. My Kylo is g9 but could easily get to g10 by tomorrow. If I would use Kylo I would probably replace Boba for now (I dont have great speed secondaries so he hasn't been as viable for me as others) and I have been working on GK to replace Shore. Thoughts? I want to be competitive in arena, I can beat any team on my shard with the right rng but I seem to struggle on defense.


  • I would go for Kylo, not only is he supposed to be sick on a Zaul team with four Siths, but there's a sweet video of him soloing p1 heroic AAT.

    I also think zidious is supposed to be great under a Zaul lead... opens up with 3 DoTs + Expose, and gains tons of health with the right mods. That first-move expose should really put a hurting on the opponent. Not to mention 55% evade against Jedi (or something close to that).
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