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  • Philld1477
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    Got the same problem with this on both my phone and tablet.

    Phone: Samsung Galaxy S4, Android version 5.0.1
    Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab A, Android version 6.0.1
  • I am running into the same issue.
  • Hopefully they will give us points like they have in the past!!
  • I can't connect is anybody else having this problem
  • Han Solo met up with a bounty hunter on a planet during the course of event's between episodes IV and V, name that planet.

    You make it sound like they went for a romantic weekend away together!
  • Im having this problem, its annoying.
  • DoctorFoolari
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    I'm having the same issue on iOS, but not on my secondary account on Android.
  • This sucks. Will miss my cantina & energy refresh if this doesn't get fix in the next 45 mins
  • Excited for all the crystals we will get in compensation woohooooo
  • Dont mention rewards u will get a warning even if ur joking!
  • Another client update.. Seems to be a big one perhaps
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  • BentWookiee
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    HEADS UP! This is from the Forum Guidelines!

    No refund topics or posts
    Refund threads and posts will be removed from these forums. It is your right to request a refund, but don't post about it on these forums. This includes saying you are going to get a refund, telling others how to get a refund, or requesting a refund from the development team. This includes refunds for real money and in game currency.

    This INCLUDES asking for ANY form of compensation.

    Do not do this.. if it happens, it happens, the Forum is NOT the place to request or ask for this.
  • Han Solo met up with a bounty hunter on a planet during the course of event's between episodes IV and V, name that planet.

    You make it sound like they went for a romantic weekend away together!

    sorry, 'The bounty hunter we ran into on Ord Mantell changed my mind.."
  • Missed my energy refreshes because the app wouldn't let me in.
  • Nothermike wrote: »
    Any updates on this? Totally missed the energy bonus(s) and that stinks!!!

    Are you Elias Lund in-game? We might be shardmates. Balanced Force, here.

    Yes. Level 85
  • Smithie
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    Send R2D2 in!!!!

    He hasnt been added to the game yet guess they cant even send in Chopper because he hasnt been unlocked yet :/

    There is always K2-SO but dunno if he would break it even more but may only be able to do the Android side...

    I guess B2 could try for the Apple side he could always add buff immunity to it and see how that goes, dont sound too promising...

    Chewbecca could be send in oh wait he is Clone Wars Chewbecca not Rebel... I dunno if he knew how to fix back then.

    There is also Anakin I am sure he could build a Skynet computer but he got consumed by Darth Vader...

    Mmmmm I really don't know who to suggest maybe Jedi Luke?? If only the Devs heard my deep cries into my pillow at night for Jedi Luke he could of been able to fix it and all this would of been avoided ;)
  • Yes, I can confirm that no connection is available from Greece, Athens
  • I cant log in either, stuck on checking for updates. Hoping it isnt a problem with my device, but from the looks of the forums, it's an issue with the servers
  • Having same issue any solutions ? Cant wait man cant wait :neutral:
  • Same here on multiple Android devices, tablets and phone. I
  • I have the same issue really annoying
  • une heure de tentative de connexion , puis j ai vider le cache réinstaller le jeu tester avec et sans wifi toujours rien je suis sur android 6.0 et je me suis connecter ce matin .
    avez vous des élément de réponse ??
  • Side note: Yahoo Mail is down as well. :p
  • hi i have the same issue on my lenovo g4 plus with android 6.0.1
  • No GW means less Guild currency too
  • Missing out on my energy bonuses :(
  • Same issue here
  • Same for me on both iPhone and iPad
  • Me too!
  • Oh, whew... I thought my work had finally blocked video games because I'm getting errors trying to load into GoH *and* MPQ.

    Hopefully it's a one-off, because I'm starting to get The Itch.
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