It's a new month which means a new thread for sharing Ally Codes!

Use this thread to post your ally code if you are looking for people to team up with.

Please limit the posts here to ONLY share Ally codes! It's fine to give a description for the type of player you are though, along with the types of allies you are looking for.
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  • 668-965-333
    Add if you want :)
  • Song
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    I need to deleted mine due to people add me from lv20-70 lol !

    im Lv67 24K power, very active!! Thank you!!

    Please add me if you are very active and lv60+
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  • Au2_Ryl
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    thanks all, I'm full. We really need more than 35 slots.
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  • Only been playing a 2 days but very active and already into 30s, will continue to level fast 649-157-259
  • I'm level 61, play daily. Hit me up! 832-296-187
  • Tmjm
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    Looking for high level Allies.

    7 star gl 8 lumi
    5 star gl 8 sid
    7 star gl 7 phasma

    Very active.

  • Ally Code: 479-578-386
    Level 57 - daily player - gaining about 1 level per day.
    **PLEASE ADD ME!***
    || Level 60+ would REALLY be helpful ||

    I have Kylo, Windu, Jedi Consular, HK-47, IG-86, Finn, Baraiss, Asajj, Ahsoka Also have Phasma, Daka, Dooku and Sidious NOW! most are level 6 and 5 heroes! most level 7 on some =)

    Just got Darth Vader...YES!!!

    THANKS for adding me and have a great time playing! Looking for fellow addicts to ADD me, haha!
  • Shock wrote: »
    Add if you want :)

    Not to forget:
    Level 68 Player very active

    All GL8
  • 858-337-774
    Whale plays every day
  • 776-674-997
    Luminara Lead!
    Let's get them Vader Shards!
    | John Salera is my favorite Sith Lord |
  • o0iuytfu
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    level 55
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  • 372-477-942
    level 67
    daily player
  • 474-232-475
    Lv 70

    Only lv 65-70 accepted. Looking for unique leaders. No Sid, Lumi, or Phasma.
  • 642-686-992

    Send and I will judge you. I have pretty good toons and I can only get better. I'm level 57.
  • 571-635-883
    Lv 58 active daily
    Looking for help, I need DAKA for healing.
    Don't have another healer except Talia for Dark Side.
    Thank you.
  • gummybear
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    My Ally Code: 663-767-459


    Level 67
    Active everyday since day 1
    Luminara leader with max gear max level


    Looking for allies above level 65 :)
    My Ally Code: 663-767-459

    Only accepting requests above level 65

    Daily player | Maximizing ally points | <200 Arena | Day 1 player
  • 871-442-973
    I am level 32
    Add me if you want :)
  • 789-795-649
    New and active. Low level looking for any level, but active allies
  • 256-144-378

    Lvl 67 daily addict
    Lumi LS lead 7 star/8 gear
    Phasma main lead 6 star/8 gear

    Looking for similar levels with different leads but happy to accept anyone who has unique leads!
  • Jeff
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    Level 59. Very active.
  • Greedo 6* GL 7
    Rey 4* GL 6
    Hoth rebel scout 7* GL 8
    All level 48
    Play daily
    Need allies add me: 535-323-998
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    *Update: Currently my list is already full, my leaderboard pool players or RL friends. Anyone would like to add me will only add players that are stronger than my current list, good luck to everyone on their shard drops and leaderboard*

    Ally Code: 832-788-852

    Level 70 LFA level 68+ with minimum 5000+ Char power
    Character list
    Sidious 7* Pwr 5464
    Daka 7* Pwr 5547
    Kylo 7* Pwr 5318
    Lumi 7* Pwr 5506
    JC 7* Pwr 5306
    TIE pilot 6* Pwr 5150
    Qui Gon Jinn 6* Pwr 5220
    Phasma 6* Pwr 4665

    Others (Work in Progress)
    Yoda 5* Pwr 4745
    Rey 5* Pwr 4019
    Darth Vader 4* Pwr 3446
    Bariss 5* Pwr 3820
    Poe 5* Pwr 3939
    Anakin 5* Pwr 3708

    On progress upgrading Phasma, POE, Rey, Qui Gon, Bariss, Anakin, Yoda and TIE to 7*

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  • 62 hitting 63 tonight. 737-815-435. Looking for a mostly 65+ allies. I have a few lower available. Ranking up a few heavy hitter 5* toons. Appreciate your help.
  • 398-398-268 with 3500 leader


    please add me dark allies
  • 197151877
    Lvl68. Phasma 7* full gear as a lead 5010 power
  • 939-137-831
    Just started playing two days ago, level 35 now. Will continue to level up. I'm addicted to this game. Help.
  • Lvl 67 player.
    Looking for DARK SIDE allies. not the usual sid/phasm, looking for some1 who use Daka/asajj/Boba/Maul/Vader as leader in DS. over lvl 60.
    Can offer you: Dark side-
    phasma power 4456 leader abi 6 (18% chance to assist)
    Pikachu power 4953 leader abi 5 (12% chance to crit, 20% crit dmg)
    light side-
    Barris power 3883 leader abi 6 (jedi gain 17.5% Health, others half. jedi heal 6% of barris' health, other half) she have 13845 health.
    Aayla power 3922 leader abi 5 (jedi gains 30% tenacity and 5% of max Hp heal when ward off effect).

    As you can see, light side battles are easy to me even tho they "weaker" than the DS chars(19k overall LS, 22k overall DS), since i use 5 jedis and barris leader. if some1 have barris or enough with lumi or just want awesome tenacity, i can change it to Aayla (just ask me to).

    But my problem is on Dark side. Need strong chars to win on 3* stars.

    Ally code:
    Will add only dark side strong chars who are not sid/phasma, and over 60.
  • LongT
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  • 295-539-674
    LVL59 o:)

    looking for 65+
  • Usho
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    Lvl 41
    Very active
    Ally code 136-489-647
    will add 40+ decent players
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