Training Characters - Remove or Improve Assign All feature

Hi guys, I want to offer an idea based on a problem I faced that caused me to lose all 2103 T1 training droids in the blink of an eye. We all know it's difficult to assign a specific number of droids using the imprecision of a scroll bar. Also, the Assign All button is precariously close to it. Have you accidentally hit Assign All? In any event, I tried to scroll and assign a small, exact number of droids (i.e., 3 to 5) to my L52 Talia, but must've tapped the Assign All unexpectedly. Unfortunately, my right thumb was hovering over the Train button and must've touched or grazed it just enough. So yeah, I lost ALL of my 2103 T1 droids in one fell swoop. I was saving for over a month while acquiring more elite characters like Sidious, etc.

I immediately contacted EA support to see if I could recall my in-game purchase or "roll back" my latest upgrade but EA says they can't do anything in this case. . ."user error". Obviously disappointed but not surprised.

Here's my suggestion to EA:
(1) Move the Assign All button farther away from scroll bar.
(2) Remove the Assign All button altogether; e.g., allow players to use the touch keypad common on onSmart phones, OR (my favorite)
(3) Place 'Confirmation" screen in the navigation. After you hit "Train" button, a screen pops up and says something like this: "Are you sure you want to assign droids. . .?" much like the box that pops up when players run out of energy and need crystals to reload.

Any one of these three improvements would've saved me over 6 weeks' work. Admittedly, mine was a 'user error', but it could've easily been avoided with more safety protocols. Thank you!


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    I'd settle for the assign all button to assign the droids in the best order. I.e. From highest to lowest with the best droid usage. But it's really not hard to assign it manually. Just use the highest, subtract 1, and go the next highest. When I get like 2k T1 droids, I'll blow throu them on purpose, cause there's really no point to hoarding them. I like to keep a few hundred to have minimalist losses when training. I feel for ya, but you'll need a high level talia for DS missions anyhow so it's not a complete loss.
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    I can feel the pain through my screen.
    Sorry bro.
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    Same with selling items. It's a disaster waiting to happen. I can see some poor sap falling asleep and accidentally pressing the assign all + sell at the same time and waking up to the horror of finding they've sold all of their hard earned purple gear. Idk what's the bigger travesty, selling them all or only getting like 200 credits for each one.
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    Why is this so painful? I don't understand
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