Rebel Tank Choice

I'm creating a rebel team to use for the Emperor's Demise event and I'm planning on including either Stormtrooper Han or Scarif Rebel Pathfinder...

Has anyone any advice on which toon would be better to invest in?

The rest of my current rebel team consists of Admiral Ackbar (L), Leia, Biggs and Lando


  • Stormtrooper Han without hesitation. He gives the team a big turn meter boost when he activates his taunt and will give all allies bonus turn meter whenever he is attacked. Plus he is an easy farm from arena shipments. Don't get me wrong I really like Pathfinder too but StH is better all round. Plus he's a scoundrel so will help you with the heists.
  • Great I'll go for StH then, thanks for the advice.
  • Agree with the above, but SRP is good too IMHO, but StH much better
  • crzydroid
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    I'd say the opposite. Without Chirrut, Han will get killed and never revive. You don't need the tm boost with Ackbar lead, and SRP gives speed up every time. But you could certainly use oE offense down, and he's tankier.
  • McBee
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    I'm in the exact same position. I'm going with STH because he's better, and I can buy shards in the arena shop for him to hurry and get him geared up.
  • For Pappy's event, it's not too big a deal, but if Scarif gets Shocked, he's in bigger trouble than Han, especially if Han's already taunted.
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