Another Palp Thread

There really should be a megathread for this lol

So I am aiming to just unlock palp. All my rebels (ugh) are 5* and all G7
Biggs- cc/cd
Will this be enough to unlock palp?


  • Probably enough to get him at 5*, may need to boost a few to gear 8 though
  • haha quite low on gear so maybe just one
    Would that still be enough
  • MLGebra
    343 posts Member
    Nah you're fine, I had below G7 on a few toons when I unlocked him and only two of
    then were 7*. I didn't even have Wedge at the time, so you're in essentially the same boat I was, only I didn't even use any mods whatsoever. The one difference is my Lando was G8 and I used Leia instead of SRP.

    tl;dr you SHOULD be able to get him, but it'll likely take multiple tries
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