gem advice?

Hello. As F2P i am not sure the best way to use my gems.. if i should use them on like cantina battles to Buy Daily tokens i want/need or save up for Data Cards and hope for some good rng?


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    Depends on your play style and what u wanna get from playing.
    For me, my gens go strictly to the best data pks to try an gather the best (and my fav) characters as fast as possible.
    Others have some really Solid strategys where they exclusivly use them to refil energy to farm exp, gear, shards, etc etc in an attempt to max lvl themselves an their characters as fast as possible (basically a 7* lvl 60 will always outperform a lvl 40 ish 4*)

    The choice is yours though. My best advice is play the way you want and will have the most fun doing and dont let anyone convince u to play a certain way because what is fun for one is not fun for all.

  • You need luck with the data pack drops, but then at the same time you also need luck to get shards and items from them so imo they both have their upsides, they both have their downsides.

    With the energy, you get either 20 normal or 10 hard battles (or 15 cantina battles) and if you're farming for stuff that will go extremely quickly. On the other hand you know what you're getting, albeit you need luck to get drops.

    With the chromium cards it'll take a couple of days to get one but you're gauranteed at least some shards. You need (a lot of) luck to get the character you want though and you're not always gauranteed a fully unlocked character either, sometimes you'll just get shards.

    What I've done and I'm fairly happy with is to spend a few days getting enough crystals to get some chromium cards and then focus on farming after that. I will say though that it's more fun for me to open a card pack and hopefully get someone decent. Paid off yesterday with a 3* Luke

    If you're playing a fair bit though and you find you're staring at no energy for half the day but you wanna be doing something, 50 crystals on energy isn't much, you get at least twice that from daily activities anyway so you could still save up for a card while spending on energy

    How that ended up long-winded I don't know
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