Guaranteed Drop Rates Would Increase Spending

Chromium packs I think as a consensus are a waste of money. Ea would know if people are still cracking packs but I would assume they are not selling as much as they should be.

Possible solutions:

Single chromium: not much should change here. Singles are always a gamble. Drop rates should be published for character drops.

8 pack: here is where the major changes need to take place. The 8 pack should guarantee one three or four star character unlock. If a duplicate is pulled the game should randomly pull another locked character until all three and four star characters are unlocked.

Drop rates on one and two star characters should also be published. 10% drop rate seems appropriate.


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    Another possible solution, if a character is pulled that is already owned instead of converting to shards, convert it to tickets which can be exchanged for shards of the players choosing.
  • Triqui
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    If I were EA, each chromium pack would have a guaranteed toon, and thse you already have give you 10 shards instead. I'm sure a lot more people would buy.
  • FakeRobbo
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    edited February 2016
    The 8 packs say that they guarantee at least 1 character already. As for your topic, I think yes it would greatly reduce the short term spending of players, but greatly reduce the lifespan of the game and cause players to get bored and leave much faster than usual! This results in less overall profit for the developers and we want to keep us hungry for more content/progress!
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