Is there one massive server or multiple servers

Does everyone play together? Or is it based on when you started playing? I don't see a server name or anything anywhere


  • Blur
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    Different servers not sure how its decided
  • I think it's based on timezone. If a server fills up, they open a new one for that timezone. At least that's the way it seems to me.
  • Everyone plays together on one big server. We know this is true because you can add anyone as friend. And... Galactic war which puts random players as your opponents are able to use anyone. Even soft launch players, like me, who have been around for months.

    However, you seem to join an Arena bracket/group/board that coincides more closely with when you join, so if you join now, your pvp competition are players more likely to be around your level instead of players who have played for some time.

    Quite a bright idea I would say. But when players start leaving, I wonder how they would merge arena brackets together to provide and active competition
  • That makes perfect since. So, I guest every person in the top 200 is different based on you level and when you started? I will say "the matching in better than the matching system in HODA".
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