Gw payouts changed recently?

I got destroyed in Gw the last two days. I really wasn't feeling it today, but I went for it anyway. Surprisingly I lost no characters and only retreated twice. Weird huh? Anyway, I know this will get rolled into the mega GW thread and no one will ever see it again, but I had a much lower drop for loot in GW today. I will list the items and post a screenshot.
4 1* droids
4 2* Droids
6 3*droids
3 5*Droid
2 6*Droid
20 crystals
8 level 1 mats
9 level 2 mats
3 level 3 mats
450000 credits
1 Jawa shards
That's the total for the entire 12 battles. I missed a screenshot of battle 3, which was 2 level 1 Droids and 20000 credits. Maybe 2 crystals I honestly don't remember. Has anyone else had a drop in loot quantity, or do you think it was just bad luck?


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    Did you receive any tokens?
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    Yes, the usual 1200 tokens. You can see them in the image combining all the screenshots
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    Na, the payouts look about right bud. Nothing out of the ordinary.
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    Ok, thanks. Just seemed short. Especially fight 7 where it dropped some credits , 1 3*Droid, and 2 level 2 mats.
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    Im going to track this for the week just out of my own curiosity. 1200 war tokens is obviously standard, and it looks like 20 crystals as well as 1 shard is standard. as of day 2 it looks like 10-15 droids,15-20 ability mats, and 400,000 - 500,000 credits. here is day 2 payout.
    day 2
    6 1* droids
    2 2* Droids
    5 3*droids
    1 4* droid
    1 5*Droid
    1 6*Droid
    20 crystals
    8 level 1 mats
    7 level 2 mats
    3 level 3 mats
    437900 credits
    1 Jawa shards
    1200 war tokens
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    I always get 25 total crystals and 1200 tokens.
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    my math skills are weaaaaaak. i stand corrected, thank you. 25 crystals.
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