Discrepancy: displays of Squad Arena reward time

I'm playing the Google Play version of SWGOH.

When I'm on the Squad Arena matchmaking or rank screen, the label on the "Prizes" tab shows that rewards will be given at a certain time. On either of these screens, the countdowns shown on the "Prizes" tab match each other.

However, if I tap on the "Prizes" tab to switch to the prize list, the countdown on the "Prizes" tab adds one more hour. Indicating that the reward will be given one hour later than what it says when I'm on the matchmaking & rank screens.

This countdown mismatch doesn't seem to be happening in the Fleet Arena menus. Only in the Squad Arena menus.

Here's an example of what I'm referring to. These 3 screenshots were all taken within one minute of each other. I'm in the matchmaking screen, and the "Prizes" tab says 2 hours 56 minutes.aBuEPlP.pngSwitch to the rank screen and the "Prizes" tab still says 2 hours 56 minutes. So far, so good.LgmU1AD.pngSwitch to the prize list and now the "Prizes" tab shows 3 hours 56 minutes. What?dvnvsL0.png


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