Galactic War pairs me with teams 10-15 levels higher than mine

I made a post a few weeks ago about this but conveniently it can't be found in the forums. Here is what I wrote:

Everyone in my guild is having a problem completing the full map in Galactic Wars. I have been playing Galaxy of Heroes for about 3 months (I am level 71) and have only completed the map 6 times. We all know there are rewards for completing it 10 times, and I suspect there are more for doing it more than that. Every time I start a new map I face 1 team at about the middle of progress that outclasses my top heroes and I rarely complete it with 1 or 2 (sometimes all die) that survive to the next position. Then somewhere between 3/4 the way through and the last position, I face an unbeatable team that kills my top heroes and I barely make a dent in theirs. I gave up running through all of my heroes to try and complete it because after going through about 3 teams I am left with weak heroes that just die. This absolutely stinks. I contacted support 5 times and ultimately found a phone number and they asked me to start a thread about this because they said they have not heard much about this....

I would appreciate it if everyone that has this same problem would add to this thread, because they admitted they need more than just my word to make appropriate changes.....HELP!!!

I see that plenty of others are having this same problem but support does not seem to think it is a problem EVERYONE WHO HAS THIS PROBLEM PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADD TO THIS THREAD!!!
Thank you!


  • I agree! The gw table needs to be fixed. I had an insane amount of trouble when I was leveling and now I'm an 85 with a fairly good wiggs team, a good jedi team, and a good palpatine team. I still only win about half the time because I will have to fight atleast 3 fully maxed 7* gear 11 teams. How do so many teams have gear 11 on all of their toons that is f2p? By the time you get to the last one all of your reliable toons are gone and it becomes impossible to beat. I understand it needs to be a challenge, but it shouldn't be to the point where arena teams in the low 100's are easier to beat than the last 3 nodes of the gw table
  • This is an old post but I am having that same issue since I started the galaxy war. I am now level 63 with only one 6* toon and facing teams in the mid-70s with 6-7*.

    Current Example:
    My team -
    Darth Vader 4*, level 63, gear level 7
    Jedi consular 6*, level 63, gear 7
    Boba fett 5*, level 63, gear 8
    Mace 5*, level 60, gear 6
    Ackbar 5*, level 60, gear 6

    The next team I have to face is level 78 with one 7*, one 6* and three 5* toons. Two are gear level 9, two are gear level 8 and one is gear level 7.

    How am I supposed to beat that?! I have pulled out a few unexpected wins but some of them kill half my team before they have gone once!

    I can't help but wonder if they do it so you will spend money to buff up your team. Even if you did that then the next time it will just be harder and you will have to spend more money.
  • Other then the obvious necro,

    Try searching for Gw tips and strats, money is not required. And build a better squad .
  • Support won't be able to do much for you since this is working as intended. GW is a challenge mid game. After reaching lvl 85 the difficulty caps and from there on it only becomes easier and easier as your roster develops.
  • Think you've got it rough? The very first node pitted me against a team of geared up 7* level 76's. Just like yesterday.

    I'm only level 51.

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