How to fight Chaze with Empire

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I really am struggling on how to crack this nut.

EP(L), G10
Boba, G10
Vader, G9
Rg, G9

All level 83.

Just played an arena match where I watched Baze heal over and over while shocked. I'm hoping this is a glitch, and not part of their kit.

Still, every match seems the same...lose my team while trying to get through Baze.

Use execute to dispel taunt, he gets it right back because buff immunity/ability block from TFP only lasts 1 round.

Don't use execute, and focus everything all game on Baze, and it doesn't matter because he heals through shock.

What the F am I doing wrong? Team is 2,000 less arena power, neither baze nor Chirrut 7*.


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