Let's talk about the monthly releases

I've really enjoyed the recent updates but some things are getting out of control. Ridiculous the fenix squad be so OP while mace remains weak and unused in any game mode (other than as a pilot). Ridiculous the Krennick be much stronger than the moff. Please have some consistency in the postings.
Okay, I understand you guys want to sell but this is not smart in the long run. Is this the policy now? Every month a stronger char than all previous ones? I'm not liking this and I know that a lot do not either.
Sorry my horrible English


  • Nauros
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    It looks like they are not even pretending to keep the power creep in check anymore, which is never good news. Also the pace of new releases is impossible to keep up with.
    Revive the stores, the game needs it.
  • i really like the quality of life updates but depise the cash grab model of releasing chars they have switch to. glad they released tfp and bistan before they got greedy and wont release any chars that you can actually get in game anymore with out spending real money.
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