Turn Clone War's Jedi into Clones

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Quite confusing, I know.

But like Ahsoka the famous Nightsister, make Jedi became Clones to help them synergies with them. That would make Jedi a bit better and Clones far better than now.

Let's be honest, not all Jedi are concerned : It's just about Plo, Ahso, JKA, GK, Yoda, Mace, IGD, Luminara, Eeth Aayla and Kit. You may add Barriss as well but we never really saw her out of the temple except when she got a warm inside her, taking control.

Let's add Shak Ti too, then some clones as everyone request them : Gregor, Delta squad, etc...

That would be a good step as a Jedi rework, but not the entire entreprise to make them worth it, a lot of them are not concern by this little option (JC, JKG, OB, QGJ, JKLuke (when he comes), Kanan, Ezra, Revan (when he comes too), Jedi Rey, OL (Old Luke), etc...

Yes, that's also a request for more Jedi.

And please, rework Plo, he got only an attractive basic and a possible attractive special (change defense bonus by a critical immunity bonus, same duration). And change the entire leader ability, useless, even against Zaul, Teebo (who's using him anyway ?) and Jawas...


  • I'd prefer adding a separate faction, like Republic, to both jedi and clones. If they make Jedi into clones, I will quit the game.
  • So basically everyone but old Ben?
  • So basically everyone but old Ben?

    Exactly what I thought.

    Jedi aren't clones. You could make clones and certain jedi part of the Republic. It would definitely improve jedi teams...running my Jedi team in GW makes for the most boring battles (grant it, I only have JC, Mace, Lumi, Ahsoka, QGJ, and Yoda usable) because their movesets are so bland.
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    Republic or Separatist is a tag that only appear in Ships Arena. You may find him on chars but they were never nominated by this in some Unique/Leader abilities.

    I'd be glad to see it thought, I'd prefer that to the Clone-non-sense-Jedi but then they have to correct terms in Leader abilities.

    Old Ben, QGJ, Kanan (coming thursday), JKL (coming one day, hopefully this year), JC, JKG, etc... All jedi who were not there when it happens or those who are not concerned because of timeline (OB's timeline is quite after this period, Clone where all dead at that time, that's why GK is concerned and not OB).
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    Separatist is on characters but there is no benefit for it other than a tag.
  • There maybe separatist and republic synergies to come in the main game, it would make sense if there was.
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