Luminara or phasma arena shipments

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Need to know which to prioritise farming for? Have both at 4 stars


  • Telaan
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  • Zen
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  • Lumi first. Both are good
  • Depends on your current team
  • Triqui
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    I agree with @Telaan
    To explain it a bit more:
    Phasma can hold her own with 4* for a while. She is not fragile, and her main strength are not star-dependent. She will give you %assist chance, AOE slow, and Turn manipulation regardless of stars
    Lumi you want her to heal (dependant on her HP, which means dependant on stars) and to do damage (dependant on stars).
  • Zen
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    Depends on your current team

    My team is;
    6 star sidious
    5 chewy
    5 JC
    4 Fives
    4 potentially phasma/luminara
  • Triqui
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    Remover chewie and get a damage dealers. You have two tanks and no attackers
  • I don't mean to sound mean as I have been there as well but your team is still so young that you shouldn't worry about arena unless it is a new server you are on and getting top 50 because of that. Lumi should be leading your galactic war team so focus everything into her.
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  • Lumi.for gw definitely BUT....if you're focused on arena rank...I'd go phasma. I just switched lumi for daka and the difference is night and day. You only need one heal if that for arenas. I jumped from being in the 200-100 bracket to breaking top 50 on my server. I'm 100% ftp and if you're serious about keeping chewie he can self heal as is. And your team is lacking serious damage so go phasma imo.
  • Definately Luminara :) She heals not only once, strong but also in passive mode :)
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  • Luminara > Poggle > Phasma IMO, arguable as to which order for Poggle and Phasma but Luminara is easily the single best character in the game IMO ofc :)
  • I went 7* stat lumi then 7* phasma and now working on poggle. Lumi is so useful in gw and functional in arena until late game.
  • Zen
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    Triqui wrote: »
    Remover chewie and get a damage dealers. You have two tanks and no attackers

    In terms of damage who would you recommend I farm? I like chewy though because of his self healing, taunt and quite high hp.
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