Looking for a newb starter guide video

I got a few companions that recently just started playing and looking a for any good guide videos for just starting out and getting that first 7* character. Any and all suggestions welcomed.


  • There are a ton of videos on youtube and such, just need to go through them.

    But - to give advice on who to go after... There are so many good toons out that there isn't really a good answer.

    Most folks will say you need a rebel squad, scoundrels, sith, etc. IMO - it all depends on what they want to play. I also think the meta is shifting around and hasn't really settled down yet. The devs have dropped a ton of new characters into the mix - sith, dark side, now these new rebels from the cartoons are coming out...

    Everyone will have an opinion, but nobody knows for sure where it's going.

    If it were me, I would focus on what's currently strong (even though it's probably a little behind) and go from there. At least this way, they'll have strong toons that will be ready to get the new guys when they're farmable.
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