Yoda? Gen. Grevious? C3PO And R2?

I know I can't be the only one wondering why:

Yoda isn't in the game, but he is displayed on the front of the screen. I mean sidious is; but, yoda isn't? I also think if you're going to give Mace Windu his iconic purple light saber; then, Plo should've received his yellow saber. Also I'd like to say Count Dooku is way over powered. I get it, he was a beast in the clone wars, but, so was "young" Obi-Wan and you don't see him in the game either. They should definitely add more characters and even level attribute modifiers; like, if you fight on "Hoth" certain players such as rebel alliance fighters should get a boost.

Just a thought.


  • I think Plo Koon has a blue light saber in canon, The Clone Wars animated show definitely has him using one. As for Yoda, I'm pretty sure he is going to appear eventually. They just want to generate interest and desire for him. Most people predict he will be the counter to the Sith that most Jedi teams need at this point. Possibly the same thing with a younger Obi-Wan and Jedi Luke, since these are the few Jedi who actually defeat Sith.
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    I am sure many members have and will share your sentiments that the above charecters are highly desired in the game!
  • Yea I figured the hype for characters is a huge factor in releases to come.
  • I saw a ROTJ Luke the other day as I was playing through....I believe in Galactic War.
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    We want bb8!
  • I wouldn't be surprised if the characters everyone wants come out as purchasable initially. At the end of the day the app is a business.
  • Plo's lightsaber is orange, not yellow.
  • Try to keep in mind the game had a hard launch at the end of Nov. It is a little over 2 months old. Sit back, enjoy, and give the game time to mature. You will see more characters, they just couldn't launch the game with 300 characters right from the get go. They will more than likely start making chromium characters farmable in game, and then release guys like Yoda and Grievous in chromium only packets while they develop the next wave of characters after that to cash in on.
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