Does Vader have a place on my DS team?

I unlocked Vader last night. I know that he won't really be useful to me in arena and GW, so I was wondering if he'd fit on my DS squad. Otherwise, I won't put any effort into him. My DS characters are:

7* Sid
6* GS
5* Poggle
4* Daka

Those 4 are pretty much on my team every time. Then, my 5th is usually one of these 3:

4* Cad Bane (for stun)
4* Tusken Raider (if I need higher health)
3* Talia (for heals)

Would Vader be a better fit then one of those 3? I'd love to use him, but I just don't want to waste time/resources on him.


  • Honestly he's only good for a few missions on DS or for the dailies. He's decent for health but his attack is weak. If those 3 are your only other DS characters, I'd work on Cad.
  • CPMP
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    He is only good for Dark side missions because enemies aoe a lot and Vader has a lot hp.
    Vs human teams he is very slow and low damage. In fact vs fast teams if you apply aoe Dot, enemies can do 2 turns and remove the debuff (especialy with phasma buff) before your Vader attacks again with 3rd skill.

    I got him 60lvl and VII gear + 5/6 and he is bellow mediocre. Also, even if its possible to get him to 5 stars, you could have plenty 7 star characters in your team by then.
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