Your thoughts on a different mode?

I was thinking how can we use all our characters and that's when it hit me.

What if EA made a different type of GW design in which a player chose his 5 guys to start. Only this time those 5 guys you have to play with as far as they can go. The further they can go the better the rewards.

Here is the interesting part. Your not done because you can do this as many times as you want. You can now pick another 5 guys and go as far as you can. And so on

The point is to try and level up more guys than just 5 and to make other characters viable and playable with meaning.

There will be tiers of hardness which also raises the awards. If a player has 3 teams between 15000-17000 then they have 3 changes to collect rewards from that tier. The good part is cooldowns and health reset after each battle. It will be fun to see which team can make it farther.

I know I'm just preaching to the choir here but who knows maybe @EAJESSE could use some of this.
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