Hold Up...IG-86 Shards

So, as I see the monthly log-in, I realise that I should now start farming 86 as he is only 2 star. My team is much much better and I think another ally assist would be great, especially alongside Poggle. So I click find on his shards and it shows 2 hard nodes, GW, Data Packs and Battle E, I go to cantina but battle E isn't 86. Sorry am I missing something here or is this new data for a possible new data table?


  • Battle E, but not on "level" 1. It's a little confusing, but there are a whole bunch of Battle E's.
  • what you are seeing as a figure on the holotable is the magnaguard that you will fight in that battle. if you look at possible rewards and click on the droid shard it is ig86
  • 86 is found on battle 4-E
  • Oh ok, sorry for the waste of time, I haven't progressed much in cantina despite being lvl 62 as I've been farming Geo Soldier completely
  • Triqui
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    The cantina tooltips are misleading, as it doesn't say which level.
    IG86 is in cantina 4E
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