Bronzium reward never arrived

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I just opened few bronzium and I luckily get a Mk8 BlasTech Weapon Mod. I just click on it to watch who were the chars who need it, and then I return to the purchase of my bronzium. Finally, when I wanted to put it on Luminara, I was surprise to see that I get nothing.

I see it from the bronzium when I opened it, it was my reward but nothing goes in my inventory. But it seems all the other drop goes well. So I'm sure you could give it back to me just by reading the file concerning my account, isn't it ?

It would be very helpful if you could do that for me guys :)


  • crzydroid
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    Are you sure it just wasn't one salvage?
  • I had something simmilar.. A full barriss offe, which i never received. I had bad internet connection but the support doesnt care about that. So i wait untill i get her again
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    I'm sure of it. I never get purple gear and for one I just get it, so I click on it and watch the full name of the thing and the chars that might need it.

    I was happy so I rapidly finish my bronzium collection time. When i get to the menu with chars, the gear never appeared as if I never get it but I did... Thanks for your answers, I think I know the reason why I won't support Ea anymore.
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