Starsider Raiders Recruiting: preparing for HAAT

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Our guild was full but our leader cleared out some players who weren't contributing to raids or dailies.

Semi-casual guild looking for active players to move into HAAT.

We currently knock out Heroic Pit in less than an hour (with a 24 hour 0 damage rule), we use Line to communicate.

Normal tank takes us less than 24 hours to complete and if we get a few more strong members we think we are close to taking on Heroic Tank.

Requirements: lvl 85 and 600 energy a day (honor system, we don't require screenshots).

Ally code: 639-858-822
Line ID: gaidalcain
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  • Awesome!!
  • *bump*

    Hey guys, this is a good guild. Several of or members keep up regularly with the forums and with updates.

    Multiple members have improved substantially in arena rankings since joining our guild.

    We take pride in being generous with guild donations. We also still have fun and aren't too serious. We keep pretty active on both guild chat and in the Line app.

    Check us out! You won't regret it :)
  • Great guild! Been a Raider since it's creation and it's evolved into a 1st class guild. Join us for some Haat stomping! You know you want to
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    I've really had fun in this guild and have evolved from a laid-back, lazy player who ranked in the 500+ range into a very involved and devoted player who is pushing the top 50.
    There are a lot of great players in this guild that have very deep rosters and regularly place in the top 20 in squad arena, one of them being GC who created this thread. These players really help to push guildies become assets to the raids and we are at the point where about everyone can cause big damage in the Heroic rancor.
    Even without a full roster we get a ton of raid tickets and about everyone gets those 600 daily tickets. I didn't start doing the heroic rancor raids until around New Years and I'm only 13 shards away now, so you definitely don't have to worry about people not contributing .
    To summarize, I'm super happy that I've joined the guild, if I hadn't I wouldn't be the player I am today
  • Still recruiting, hit me up.
  • Bump.
    Added a few new players. Still 5 spots open!
  • Make that 4 spots still open!
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