Rey vs. GS - who is the better choice?

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Rey or GS? Who is the better DPS?
GS can up to Tier 9 but Rey has more specials... Any opinions?


  • They both can oneshot anybody. GS is faster and easy to farm, till Rey is hard to star up
  • You could probably do two GS to 7* before you could do one Rey. You will get more mileage out of GS as you can get him up and going much faster.
  • If I had a choice of who I had to fight I would fight a 7 star GS over a 6 star Rey.. She is capable of a huge amount of hurt in a very short time.
  • Tough call both are turn 7 at Max. Both can 1 hit. Both give themselves buffs. I give Geo the slight edge because his special cooldown is much faster, and the fact that he can crit over 10k plus call in an assist which is enough to help, if he does not crit his assist call makes up for it. He also gains TM on crits so can attack more often they Rey. His speed is 6 faster than her too so that buildup does come in also.

    Both are amazing death dealers. I personally give Geo the edge for his ability to give himself Offense up, TM, and the every other turn special.

    Though it really comes down to preference. I love both.
  • QGJM
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    I have both 7*. GS equip 8 but can reach 9 Rey only 8
  • Triqui
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    I preffer Rey if both are same level. Foresight helps survival, and she id not dependant on who calls as an assist. Geo is pretty close, tho, and much easier to farm. And has some sinergy with Poggle
  • I would take Rey over geo if I could farm Rey.
  • Rey is better but gEo is a better build
  • Have both
    Geo for sure
    In fact I would take geo over almost every character in the game he is a god
  • GS. Cos, easy farm, assist special.
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