My first killer GW

So I'm lvl53, no purple gear toons all lvl50 main team beside lumi who is 53. Rank top100 for the past week or so.
Had a run of 8 completions in GW that were not too troublesome (occasionally had some teams 5-6 lacks higher with 1-2 purple gear and 1 star higher max.
Go to node 7, had a purple lvl55greedo which wasn't hard.
Node 8...
Decided to whack me with all purple lvl60 team of lumi, Sid, barris, chewie an 5s
Basically any damage I did that wasn't a crit was healed by barris passive...her passive not even her equaliser. I just about took out sid before getting owned...
Now I'm up for a challenge aand quite enjoy coming up against 1-2 purples maybe 5 lvls higher as I have to used my suicide squad and maybe lose 1-2 main toons, but an opponent where the damage I did was passively healed over time? Now that's absurd

Maybe it was a one off. I'll see how it goes tomorrow lol
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