Advice on guild recruitment/join us!

So let me start by saying I've already created a thread in the guild section of the forum:

My guild was full unti the last couple of days, we had some memebers who were playing daily more or less but weren't contributing to raid tickets and weren't participating in the raids themselves.

So this is both a PSA to join the guild as well any tips on recruiting.

Heroic Rancor gets knocked in less than a hour after a 24 hour 0 damage rule.

Normal tank takes us 1-2 refreshes depending on how fast we make it through P1.

We are a solid guild on the cusp of completing Heroic so I have no desire to jump ship to another guild that is already doing HAAT.

That being said, tips? Come on board?

- Line is a requirement
- Having at least 3 solid 7* teams is recommended for the tank raid
- Be active
- No damage for 24 hours for Rancor

That's about it!


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