Mace windu

Got him in a bronzium pack, 4 star. Worth leveling? Faced him in an arena battle and he hit like a truck. Wouldn't make my arena team, but he might make my alliance team, and has utility for challenges. Also I'm level 38 so galactic battles are soon.


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    He's one I'm sharding daily because it's going to take a while to pay off. He'll be sidelined until he's needed for his debuffing in a jedi squad.

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    They should give mace windu some love by making him more of a counter to Sidious. He was whooping **** in the 3rd movie until a certain **** chopped off his arm
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    Thanks. follow-up: is he better than resistance trooper and/or clone Sargent (taking into account 4 star windu versus 2 star resistance trooper and (as I recall) one star clone Sargent), currently the 4th and 5th members of my light side team (and, unless I get lucky, likely to stay that way for another week or so)?
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