Need Serious Team Building Help

Ok, so I have been playing this game (F2P) almost daily since the beginning, but not TOO seriously. I have amassed a stable of toons, but I'm kinda hitting a wall and it's not so fun anymore. I need some folks smarter than me to help me out with building a team. Here are my toons:

5* - Sid (Lvl 60, G7), Lumi (Lvl 60, G7)

4* - Eeth (Lvl 59, G7), Ima (Lvl 59, G6), JC (Lvl 59, G7), Poggle (Lvl 59, G6), Chewie (Lvl 53, G6), HK-47 (Lvl 51, G6), Boba Fett (Lvl 50, G5), Talia (Lvl 50, G6)

3* - Dooku (Lvl 50, G6), Jawa (Lvl 43, G4), ST Han (Lvl 43, G5), Phasma (Lvl 39, G4), IG-86 (Lvl 27, G4)

2* - Ahsoka (Lvl 52, G5), Mob Enforcer (Lvl 41, G2), First Order Stormtrooper (Lvl 40, G5), Biggs (Lvl 31, G2), Kit (Lvl 13, G3), First Order Tie Pilot (Lvl 1, G1), Nightsister Initiate (Lvl 1, G1), Resistance Trooper (Lvl 1, G1)

1* - Nightsister Acolyte (Lvl 42, G3), Royal Guard (Lvl 41, G3), Clone Sergeant (Lvl 36, G3), Snowtrooper (Lvl 22, G3), Ewok Scout (Lvl 18, G3)

Most of the time, I run a team with Ima as leader, along with Lumi, JC, Eeth, and Sid.

So, my questions:

1. What is the best combination of my current toons? Assume that I will level, star, and gear up all of them.
2. Recommend ONE toon I could add to my current toons that would benefit me the most.
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