Who gets the furnace?

I've almost got 2 more mk5 furnaces, and at least a dozen toons who need them. I think my best options are Maul, Boba, TFP, Rex, and JKA.
I feel Boba might be the most useful, and TFP is great but I enjoy Maul more. Also, my LS squads are significantly weaker than my DS squads and I really could use some extra firepower for LS stage 9 hard nodes. Rex is definitely a better toon than JKA in the long run but I've spent a lot more time developing little Ani. It would take a little longer for me to get Rex to the point where I can consistently throw him into the mix. The same can be said of TFP, as I've spent much less time on him than Maul or Boba and he's only 4* at the moment.
Anyway, in what order would you distribute the furnaces between these 5 characters?


  • Depends on the team you run. In the long run, Boba, Rex and JKA. They're all utility characters and can fit on most teams. It ultimately depends on what you want to shoot for, if you want to get a good arena spot then definitely maul, or Rex if you want to counter Zaul teams. But Boba is a fantastic character all around and I'd probably say him
  • I'd say Rex if your priority is to beat Zaul in Arena. Boba is great, but he is also a major gearhog, and you're going to be investing a lot more than just a furnace into him - meaning that if you put the furnace on him, his next gear levels are extremely demanding, but you might feel obligated to try to throw all that gear on him cuz you already invested the furnace. JKA is an awesome character too, but he's really nice under QGJ's lead.
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