Stormtrooper Rework/Variants Ideas

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First off - the stormtrooper rework!
Stormtrooper-3 Star Unlock
Empire Tank that can Taunt and surprise enemies by hitting non target enemy.
Imperial Marksmanship- Basic Level 8 Omega
Deal Physical damage to target enemy. This attack has a 50% chance to hit non target enemy, dealing double damage, plus bonus damage equal sum of opponent team's speed X 2.
Stormtrooper Bravado- Special Cooldown 4 Level 8 Omega
Taunt for 3 turns and grant Empire allies Defense Up for 3 turns. In addition, Stormtrooper gains a 60% chance to remove 25% Turn Meter from each enemy whenever any Empire ally is damaged while Taunting.
Wall of Stormtroopers- Unique Level 8 Zeta
Stormtrooper gains 14% Defense for each living Empire ally at the end of his turn (Stackable, No Limit). When he is debuffed, this bonus defence is also granted to other Empire allies who do not have any buff.
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  • I think basic should take away full health of Target with a one percent to hit rate.
  • This doesn't quite go far enough. His taunt should have a 100% chance to remove TM, just like STHan has a 100% chance to gain it.
  • ***Patiently waits for Scout, Flame, & Jumptroopers***
  • Scout Trooper- 2 Star Unlock
    Low Health Attacker who exposes enemies and either gains Turn Meter and Evasion Up or gains Speed Up and Advantage.
    Scout Trooper Blaster- Basic
    Deal physical damage to target with a 80% chance to deal +75% damage and Stun for 1 Turn.
    Gas Grenade- Special Cooldown 2
    Deal physical damage to all enemies with a 75% chance to inflict Sleep on main target.
    Sleep- Debuff
    Lose all TM, cannot gain any TM ( not even basic TM gain based on speed. ). Goes away on taking damage and is replaced by Drowsiness for 1 turn.
    Drowsiness- Debuff
    Halved Speed, No external TM gain.
    Scouting Mission- Unique
    At the end of each turn, Scout Trooper exposes a random enemy. If this effect was placed (scouting successful, weakness found), gain Speed Up and Advantage for 1 turn. If this effect was resisted(scouting unsuccessful, target alerted!) gain 30% TM and Evasion Up for 1 turn.

    His low potency makes him not too OP..
    1...2...3! You're dead!
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