Is GW REALLY difficult?

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My final node today, all 7* lvl 76 gear 9:

Lumi (L)

I (lvl 76) beat them with:

5* Maul lvl 68, G8 (L)
5* Vader lvl 64, G8
6* Rey lvl 72, G8
6* Lando lvl 64, G8
6* Fives lvl 69, G8

Only lost Rey and Lando, who were not at full health to begin with.

This is not even my B team. It's a throw together. Maybe it was just a good

Seriously, I don't doubt that some people have issues, but it doesn't need to be nerfed or fixed. It's all about how balanced your toons are and having enough.


  • Yogi
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    Lol. You have much to learn and experience. Come back when you hit level 80
  • When I hit level 80 I got a Zeta qgj team, managed to beat them because they had rubbish mods, you will see a big difference soon
  • It was just a good day. That jedi team is garbage even if modded and geared well.
  • It's adaptive. I lost, like, my 5th and 6th Galactic Wars, then didn't lose another one until I hit level 80.
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  • Inyan_Soi_Leau
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    I've faced 80+ teams already, and much harder ones. Actually, this was the first time in a couple of weeks that the last node wasn't lvl 80, 81, 82, etc. Toons.

    Clearly the sarcasm in this was missed. This was clearly a joke squad I faced, being able to beat them with a team with no synergy.

    But you would swear some people never get an easy team. All you hear are horror stories about node 3, and "my best guys got beat on node 6".

    If GW is based on the algorithms that everyone says they are, then getting a team like this on node 12 shouldn't have happened. I used my best team twice, and Maul and Vader on 9 nodes, and never lost either. Vader never lost all of his protection. Neither of them are moded very well either.

    Just not seeing how it could change that much in 5 levels. Maybe the game just sucks at putting together good level 80 and 81 teams???

    TBH, this was by far the weakest node 12 I've had in a long time...obviously.
  • I faced my first zeta today. Zader, EP, ShT, RG, and TFP. They were lvl 85, I'm 76. My whole squad(my 3 preloaded TM teams and whole bench) were decimated taking out the other 4. I was left with a just unlocked Dooku(lvl 1), lvl 50 G5 Teebo, and lvl 50 G6 resistance pilot. No turn meter on them. By this time the 60k protection and health Zader was in the yellow. I used three refreshes to gear Dooku up to gear 6 and all the ability mats I had been saving to give to my arena guys later as I can't fight PVP till after guild activity resets tonight. I modded Dooku up with as much speed and potency as possible with a hope that he could go before a TM loaded Zader who had previously oneshotted the last 20 underdeveloped guys I sent after him.

    There is a happy ending. My Dooku did go first, stunned him, resistance pilot exposed him, and teedo finished him off with his glorious Quigon Jin-like fly through the air attack. This was the fourth time in my 2 1/2 months that I had to use every turn.
  • I'm level 82 and I don't have trouble with GW. The key is having a good A Team AND a deep roster. I run a Sith team all the way through (Nihilus lead for Health Steal + Vader, EP, Maul, and Dooku) until they die. Sometimes they take me the whole way through, and I don't have to use anyone else. If they die, I have a full Rebel team and a full QGJ-lead Jedi team. Aside from that, I also have Fives, Boba, Phasma, and Rey waiting in the wings in case they need to jump in and help somewhere. Every toon that I just mentioned besides Nihilus is level 80+ and AT LEAST Gear 8, with some omegas. No zetas.
  • GW fluctuates.
  • I've beaten GW maybe 15 times total in a yr of playing. And they just keep making it harder. The algorithm is broken for me. I am play in the horror story you speak of. Node 3 routinely takes out my B team and Node 6 can decimate my A team or at least take all of their protection. After that, its throw together teams maybe getting to Node 10-11. I haven't won in months. I'm lvl 85, A-B team G8-10.
  • your not really suppose to be able to beat it with just one team or even 2 teams. or so i'm told.

    i personally finish it usually with one team and then maybe a second team to finish the last few standing.

    lately that hasn't happened every single time i go to complete it. but i've had worse.
  • Haha you are lucky to not find a Zader op team or a chaze Zaul team have fun at level 85 :smile:
  • I'm level 77 and it seems I always fight 85's on the 6th, 9th, 11th, and 12th nodes, must have been a huge bug that pitted you against a level 76....
  • im at lvl 85 about 45 k registered arena power and someday its a walk in the park and other day i get nodes of doom 11 and 12 but still i can beat it everyday because i prepare turn meters of important toons in general and usually max turn meter for qgj and/or b2.
  • is not very hard for me i auto most of it now i cant even remember the last time i lost a GW
  • Drazz127 wrote: »
    I'm level 77 and it seems I always fight 85's on the 6th, 9th, 11th, and 12th nodes, must have been a huge bug that pitted you against a level 76....

    I just figure that guy's power was ridiculously high for a level 76. Afterall, that's what the formula is supposedly based on.

    Like I said, most days, I'm staring at teams in the 80s. Heck, a lot of my "easy" nodes are mid 70s squads...just crappy gear.
  • I ran into one of those rare unicorn weak final teams on the final node. Stupid me forgot to use only one toon to take them out :'(
  • Nikoms565
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    Afraid of GW, you are not?

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  • That scene with yoda always gave me the creeps.

    900 year old yoda was a freaky lookin ****. Should have stopped around 800.
  • When I was level 76 I was getting level 85 opponents in GW
  • When your characters gets level and gear increases, your GW nodes will get harder and harder.
  • GW ebbs and flows. LVL 85, I used to own GW on the reg. This past week been squashed on node 11-12. Not complaining, just reporting my experience. Must diversify portfolio!
  • ptr
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    depends. For months I was able to finish GW mostly with 2 teams. Sometimes I had to use 3rd or some poor sacrifice team.
    But yesterday I ran into guy with GK (L), Chaze, Nihilus and 5s all 7*.. I was not able to kill single character :/
    And today I was able to win again..
  • Moicaliss
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    Never lost a gw in a year, always using one single team, getting freebies at node 12. Gw is easy and have always been
  • I've been playing the game since it's release (completely F2P). Only in the last two months have I managed to pass every single GW. It was very difficult at the beginning. What really helped me a lot is: first I focused on 3 teams with good synergy and second I've managed to get some decent mods to put on them.
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