My team sucks, I need help!!!

I think my team is a little on the sucky side and I need some advice how to best progress. My level is 58 and team is currently:

Sidious - 6* Lv 58
Phasma - 5* Lv 58
Jedi Counsellor - 5* Lv 58
Poe - 5* Lv 58
Chewy - 4* Lv 58
Anakin - 4* Lv 58
Luke - 4* Lv 58
Talia - 4* Lv 58
Jawa - 3* Lv 46
First Order Stormtrooper - 2* Lv 45
Snowtrooper - 2* Lv 42
Clone Sergeant - 1* Lv 42
Royal Guard - 1* Lv 42
Ewok Scout - 1* Lv 3
IG-100 - 2* Lv 1
Jedi Knight Guardian - 2* Lv 1

Can anyone help with the best team to use or characters I should target to get/upgrade?


  • Wow, you have Anakin? Sweet.
    Poe, Phasma, JC and Sidious should be your main focus. Great 4 hero foundation. If you can, farm for Luminara in Galatic War Shipments.

    Chewy and FO Stormtrooper would be nice tanks to develop. Not as much as the top 4, but enough to have a bench. Maybe have Royal Guard in mid range as a good tank is always a nice addition to your squad.

    Good start. All you need to do is build. Slowly but surely, you'll get a few wins and add more heroes to your roster.
  • Lumi ASAP!
  • Doga
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    Where are you struggling? GW, squad arena, both?
    Geo is awesome
    IG 86 is great with Poe and Feb reward
    Luminara is invaluable IMO
  • Arena: continue with Sidious
    GW: hmm, Phasma is your best choice for arena leader but get Luminara for the heals. She is better than JC in almost every way and I can't see how you can consistently finish gw without her.
    Cantina shipment: 5* Poe is very very nice, current cornerstone of most great arena teams
    Cantina: tricky choice, farm JC to 6* while you work on Luminara? He won't feature in your eventual arena lineup but he is great for gw. Or work on Luke, he does good dps,you have him at 4* already, and he is easier to farm then anakin.BUT, as dps goes he is not considered as good as geo,qgj,leia,fotp. Which leaves farming for GS, which will take longer, grant fewer training droids and credits per energy, and leaves you using anakin/Luke for dps for some time before he is ready to use.

    One last thing, did you get anakin from chrom packs? It's just that crystals are usually best spent on refills. Also are you currently farming him? Not sure how good he is, he looks good, and if he is I can see farming him since you already have him at 4*, but realize that he is a long term investment since you can level up other great caracters from gw and arena waaaay faster.
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