New Player, Team help appreciated!

Hey guys, I'm pretty new to the game. I'm level 48 and currently run a QGJ lead.

1) QGJ 3* ready to go purple gear
2) Luke 5* ready to go purple gear
3) Lumi 4* ready to go purple gear
4) Sid 4* ready to go purple gear
5) JC 4* ready to go purple gear

Also have a Chewbacca 4* ready for purp as well.

My question is this: I don't spend much, and I float between #2-10 in my servers arena. I'm looking for a farmable character to swap JC out with. Probably one with higher dmg and produces more attacks but your opinions are welcome. Maybe Phasma?

Thanks for any and all replies!


  • Phipps
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    GS for the moment is best for your team, easily farmable in cantina. Sid should lead. New major update is coming in February so everything could change shortly. Keep up with the forums is the best advice
  • Poggle, Phasma, and GS would work well.
  • You know, I was thinking about letting Sid lead but the 3 Jedi I have seem to be effected a lot by QGJ's leader ability. When he's not leader the other team goes first it seems and my healers can't keep up as well. Do you think the offset of putting Sid as lead would make up for the lack of speed?

    And as for GS, how come you say to pick him over Phasma if you don't mind explaining. Thanks!
  • Doga
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    Phasma is a tank for the most part, victory march is nice and she is also a good leader or backup leader, but doesn't have much muscle behind her attacks. I'll always leave her and any tanks for the last kill to reset my cool downs in GW, and in SA as she is no threat w/o other toons. GS is sick, swarm at level 4 or 5 is available every other turn. Also, GS is pretty fast already
  • Alright that makes sense. I'm guessing for SA I'd switch out JC for GS then?
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