How many heroes have you unlocked? How many are at max Lvl?

I have 58 toons unlocked (so 13 still locked at the moment).

Of those 58 I have 18 at Lvl 70, 10 at 61-62 and 30 between 40-45...

All up its cost me over 82million credits (according to the acheivments screen) to Lvl and rank them all up!!!!

Only bought like 2-3 million worth of credits (to 7* a couple toons).


  • Nice, how long are u playing this game?
    Playing since dec 1, always top 10 in arena and got around 35 champs and have 14 champs lvl7 lvl70 full gear and the rest around 50-65.

    Spent only mone for dooku and bariss bundle
  • I have 57 and 21are sitting at level 1.

  • I started playing like a couple days AFTER they stopped the Dooku purchase pack >.< that **** me off took me forever to farm him to 5* glad to have him in cantina battles now but annoyingly saving for my Jedi shards instead at the moment >.<
  • 10 to unlock. 19 purple and level 70 (will be 20 as I've just pulled Rey)
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