What in game 'currency' will be needed to do the new event

Ls, ds and cantina use energy that can be purchased, arena uses time with purchase capability, current events use only time and gw has none.

Do you think we will have to spend energy to compete in the new events, will it be refillable through credits, etc.

Will it be some new type of energy that gets collected over time, or time based like current events?

And are we expecting it to be like the LS and DS where there are 8 or so stages for each level?

Just trying to see if I should be saving up crystals to purchase refreshes to try and unlock as fast as possible or if it won't matter
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  • No idea but I expect either standard energy, limited attempts like current challenges or arena or crystals if ea are looking to grab cash. I hope it's not the last. That will send a pretty bad message to me. Maybe any of the above with crystal refreshes? They kinda like that.
  • scuba
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    From notes there are to be 3 types of events.
    Events can allow limitless attempts, a limited number of attempts, or be non-repeatable.

    I "think" :
    • Limitless attempts -> Energy (Training droid and Credit battles)
    • Limited atempts -> Like the gear events now, some many attempts a day.
    • non-repeatable -> no energy similar to GW but spread over the entire event. Once you are done a level you can not redo it and once you reach the end of that stage you go to the next and can't go back.
  • That makes sense and I think the last is more probable. Assuming we get x shards per stage and it takes level 5 to unlock, if we can go back and repeat early stages you could max by farming stage 1. I suppose stage 1-4 could be other stuff with level 5 simply being the unlocking of the character.
    Uuuurrrgh. Too many options with too little info.
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    If it is like our daily challenges then no currency required. Simply a limited number of time the challenge can be completed.
  • so are we thinking that you can get 'Yoda' an hour after the event opens?

    you can get through GW in about fifteen minutes so if it's like five GW with no time constraints it will take an hour or so to get Him

    That doesn't seem likely, but you never know

    "I find your lack of faith disturbing" - Darth Vader
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