Heist difficulty increase?

Ok, this may be a really stupid question but here goes. Do the heists get harder every week? I know that sounds ridiculous, but it really feels like they do.
I've been beating the final tier of heists for about 4-5 weeks now. In between every event my scoundrel squad has improved; mostly Boba, who I've been devoting more time and resources to. But every time the next event rolls around I still have trouble. I feel like as my scoundrels get better the events should become easier, but I am not noticing that happening. I still manage to beat the final tier eventually, and I will today as well, but I'm confused as to why it hasn't become less of a challenge. Is there anyone out there who can provide me with an opportunity to exercise my confirmation bias?
Also... pls nerf CUP ;)


  • I haven't noticed anything so far
  • I did feel like there was a difficulty hike a few heists ago; however I think that was probably just due to RNG providing the enemy with some extra crits or something. Since then it has felt about the same.
  • It's just as easy as it always is. On auto and most end up with ful protection. 3 mediocre modded G11 and 2 unmodded g9.
  • Ok, so its probably not getting harder. I'm guessing the issue is that my squad isn't really good enough, but I eventually get good enough RNG to pull it off after replaying over and over. I'm running a G9 with ok mods, 2 G8s with bad mods, and 2 G7s with no mods. Also I don't have the ideal team comp (no Lando). Perhaps it's merely by the grace of RNGeesus that I've been able to beat the final tier as many times as I have.
  • The number of enemies in the heist stages is somewhat randomized. I haven't paid attention to the first two stages, but the last stage can have 3 to 5 enemies. That's in addition to the other randomness in combat. So depending on RNGesus you might get an easy or hard heist. Luckily you can try again until an easy one comes up.
  • No, my squad beats it in almost the same number of moves everytime it comes. Slight variation depending on Lando splattering all or just some. I mean, my fifth scoundrel is Chewie... who actually replaced Cad Bane because yes, Chewie is superior to that POS.
  • Olga
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    Did seem a bit harder, I always auto-battle but my greedo and cad bane are only level 80 G8. They got annhiallated harder than usual.
  • Twin
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    I also run the same squad each week and also didn't notice a difference in turns etc.
  • xpxnx
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    Boba and Lando could usually handle it with a couple other level 1's. I think you are just noticing the inconsistency in the credit heist itself. The number of enemies you face can vary. Sometimes each wave has an extra enemy.
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