Want General Kenobi join Guildy McGuildstien III

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edited March 2017
We are Guildy McGuildstien III (The guildiest guild in the galaxy)

We have 3 spots to fill in our HAAT guild

We run 3 t7 rancor and 2 HAAT per week

You must get your 600 ( this is why we need 3 more)

You must have line
contact me line ID benvanobi

Must have squads for p2-3


We are starting a HAAT tomorrow Afternoon


  • Braden111
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    I saw your post on player guilds about heroic Tank. Couldn't find you on line app. Play every day. Always 600 daily. Arena between 70-50. Ships ive been top 10 past 2 months. Over 500 ship wins.saw your post about ships. Line id and ally code 891359712. Line name PizzaTheHutt
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