Best team for arena

Which team would be more viable for arena, especially against double and triple cleanses?

1. EP (L) DT DN B2 with the 5th option being either Maul Rex or Boba
2. Zader (L) EP DN B2 with the 5th option being either Maul Rex DT TFP or Boba
3. Rex (L) EP DN B2 with the 5th option being either Maul DT or Boba

I currently run Zaul EP DN B2 with the 5th option either Vader or Boba depending on situation.

Chose one team.


  • dad2my3
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    In my shard, there are only two Zader leads in the top twenty. Everything else is Rex and Maul. There are no EP leads in the top fifty. Seven of the current top ten are Rex leads. Go with Rex.
  • Thanks for your response. The only thing giving me pause is that I never seen in my shard or else a Rex lead for dark toons, from my understanding Chaze is essential for a Rex lead.
  • The big problem with all your leaders is that you cant defend EP and DN. Zaul has dodge and stealth, all other leaders need a good tank. That's why Rex teams have Chaze and/or GK, Zader and Palp leads need Shore (or maybe Sithtrooper). Without any of these tanks I would stay on Zaul.
  • Jimbob
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    If Zaul dies down, Vader could make a come back against Rex. The Rex one is probs best atm but EP is too squishy on a Rex team if you're not running a taunter. I used to run Rex EP zBoba zKylo and B2. I had to take EP out for DN. I have no problem with triple cleanse teams.

  • I do have 4* undeveloped Shoretrooper, I should have put him as an option at least under Zader, I understand that under Rex he is not that good.
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