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Welcome Battle Hardened Holo Table Champions,

So you have seen the battles of the outer rim and dive daily into the front lines and many take painful losses along with the glorious victories... this week we hope to bring some of the best military Galatic minds together to help lay out out a road map for success in the Daily Galatic War mode of the game... maybe "just" maybe we can push up and over that Node 12 to seize the full rewards that come with that achievement!

As with the other post, more so for experienced players. We are looking for your experiences and helping others to overcome the Onslaught of this Mode, it has been discussed very heavily and while the actual mechanics may not always be the most desired, the intent of the weekly thread is to create a positive effect for the base and not argue the details of the mode itself!

*12 Nodes with 3/6/9/12 being the Challenge Nodes
*(12 being flexed based on account meterics)

What advice do we want from the community?
*Team Comps
*Tips and Strats
*Ways you approach the GW board

We understand this is not easy for all to do daily and the focus point of this week is to be able to share those things that are working for you and to enlighten the veterans to new concepts and ways of approaching GW to improve performance.

Ex: Using your Best Team (A Team) on Node 1 to gain TM on the win, then swapping to another team for 2/3 and then using best team on 6 etc.

Everyone has a war story , a way to play... what we do not want is use best g11 7* toons on every node. We need ways to improve and Screenshots and honest input is key to these forums!

Remember we will sum up each week in the main post for the archive, so don't be shy with the Deets! Give us all the data!

Mist will be doing a high level experence video to along with this thread and I would love to see some victory screen shots and other personal stories to go along with the tactics that are presented here...

With that, lets get this Battle Blazing!


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  • jm21
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    My A team is Sith DN lead, with Vader and Dooku. Usually I will put in emp palpatine towards the end, but I definitely need him for nodes 11/12 so I don't often risk him on any nodes that aren't 6/9/10-12. I will put in 5's just as a tank, and RG when I need another tank/stun, but will always put in Maul against a jedi team on GW.

    Now for how I do it, I will use my Rebel team for 1/2/4/5, sometimes 3 unless it is a mismatch, if so I will use my jedi team. But for 6 on I use my Sith A team, it is an unpopular opinion of using your A team this early, but since I have health steal, rarely do I start a node without them being full health.

    Why do I use my A team so early? Well first I know I don't have that many developed toons compared to others, so this is one way I know I will reach node 11 or finish it every day. BUT I also do it since sometimes I can use annihilate, which increases DN's health, so by the time I reach the end nodes, my DN has so much health due to annihilate and health steal.

    The only teams I run into issue with on the GW are Sith teams like my own, fast jedi teams with yoda + QKJ (usually get them if my maul lives through the first attacks), and the normal rebel team of biggs + lando.
  • Deep rosters FTW. You'll need 4 or 5 strong teams. Keep your A team for the challenge nodes. And accept that you will not always finish all 12 nodes. And above all else, the teams you face are enhanced. They do not play by/with the same rules/skills you do. Accept these few parameters and you'll do fine.
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  • sying
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    The way I always explain it to players having trouble is this:

    Use a different team each of the first five nodes. When I used this strategy I wouldn't use my A team in the same battle. They would be spread out because if they were in the same battle one or two would have to have low tm at the end of the match. However, if they're spread out it would increase the chances of my A team heroes having the most possible tm. Personally, I would run factions in these nodes.

    Then, in node 6 I would use my A team. In nodes 7 and 8 I would switch them out for my B or C team, node dependent. The A team would go back in for 9, out for 10 unless a heal is necessary, and back in for 11 and 12 (if necessary). This way would also provide max amount of protection since I would be only be using the A team for three or four nodes max.

    As far as which heroes to use, it's pretty roster dependent. Obviously not everyone has the same roster so what works for me won't work for the next player. I've always had success with tm manipulators. I used Teebo lead for a long time but he doesn't provide enough damage anymore, imo. Vader lead is suited for GW. Maul lead with team gain tm is pretty good, too. Rebels with Wedge lead where you gain health back is pretty nice. I haven't use droids in GW in a long time, so I'm not sure if they're still good for this game mode.

    Again, this is for players with trouble getting through. This is the strategy I used when I couldn't use one team to get though. I haven't needed it in a long time so I'm not sure with all the zetas and the one hit wonders such as DN running around it would be as effective as it once was. It is what I would revert to if needed.
  • Many squads can be good, but some squads can clear out galactic war by themselves, I give you one example: First Order.
    When I started I leveled First Order and Resistance. As I got to high levels I could only reach node 10, but then the rework came. Since then, I believe I have not managed to complete GW for only 1 day. A maxed First Order team, from my experience, is all that is needed to complete galactic war. I think this is mainly down to FOO's cooldown reductions every other turn, and the constant turn meter gain from FOST, Kylo and FOO.
    My strategy is to save Phasma's victory march for node 3, 6, 9 and 11 and 12 to get a massive boost on the harder nodes through the turn meter gain. Normally this leads to around 2 full rounds of turns before the enemy can even go once! The massive damage of FOTP when with advantage and offense up (40k+ on basic) can wipe out at least one, most likely two characters by the time the first enemy gets a turn. On top of that, FOST can have taunt almost constantly, Kylo can stun hard hitters and FOO can remove 50% turn meter.
    Of course, some of the harder fights can still be tough, requiring retreating or extra squads to take out key characters or leaders, but First Order is a squad that is reliable enough to get through all of galactic war on most days, often without losing any health!
    If you are looking for a realiable squad for galactic war, take First Order. I would strongly recommend Phasma zeta, and all additional zetas help, but they are not nessecary to get to node 11/12 at a minimum, at which stage you can bring in your other squads to help.
  • My A team is DN lead with Savage, Vader, Maul, and Sith Trooper.

    My goal is for my team to damage everyone and let Maul get last hits so the next stage he starts with daze available and full TM.

    Around stage 9 or 10 I sometimes bring in Bariss for one stage to pop her health equilizer if Sith trooper has lost to much life.

    Stage 12 I usually have Sith Trooper die, but I have won by that time anyway.
  • This is an in depth guide for new and advanced players alike. Enjoy!

  • I've got a few minutes to sit down and type out a little bit of a supplement to my above posted guide.

    To address Darth Nihilus specifically. I save his leadership until later in my Galactic War because as soon as you use him, the Sith who are in his squad LOSE all of their Protection if you want to put them in a different lineup. However, if you put a Sith who has already lost their protection in with Darth Nihilus, they will still have their normal Protection value added to their health pool, and then the % health they had will be the % health they have at the start of their next battle with Nihilus lead. Example: Darth Sidious has 80% health (for sake of argument let's say max health is 20K) and 0% Protection, which is another 20K max value. He will still have the 20K Protection added to his health pool, giving him 40K total, then start the battle with 80% of that, 32K. I save DN lead until most of my Sith have already lost their protection so that they don't lose it really early in my Galactic War. I also do this because I prefer to use zMaul lead before I use DN.

    Galactic War MVPs:
    Higher Level:
    zVader, zMaul, General Kenobi, Darth Nihilus, Rex, Sun Fac, R2, Chirrut, Baze, Sith Trooper, Sith Assassin, Darth Sidious, Wedge, Biggs, Han Solo, Shoretrooper, Kylo Ren, Assajj Ventress, Qui-Gonn Jinn, Jedi Knight Anakin, Emperor Palpatine, Cassian

    Personal Favorite squads for Galactic War:

    Wedge (Lead), Biggs, Leia, ST Han, Lando
    Wedge (Lead), Biggs, Cassian, K-2SO, Lando
    Wedge (Lead), Biggs, ST Han, Han Solo, Cassian
    Wedge (Lead), Biggs, Chirrut, Baze, Cassian

    High Level:
    zVader (Lead), TIE Fighter Pilot, Sidious (Zeta=Best), Palpatine, Royal Guard
    zMaul (Lead), Darth Nihilus, Vader, Sidious (Zeta=Best), Any other Sith (Sith Trooper/zSavage best)
    Rex (Lead), General Kenobi, R2, Darth Nihilus, zKylo
    Rex (Lead), General Kenobi, Chirrut, Baze, Nihilus
    Rebel squads (See above)
    zFinn (Lead), Poe, Sidious (Zeta=Best), Resistance Pilot, Resistance Trooper
    zCody (Lead), Fives, Echo, Clone Sergeant Phase 1, Leia
    General Kenobi (Lead), QGJ, Ayala, Jedi Knight Anakin, Ahsoka Tano (Clone Wars)
  • Acrofales
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    I haven't missed a GW in ages. By far my most important tool is the retreat button. Regardless of the team you use, there's a couple of things to remember:
    1) As long as you don't change your team comp, the RNG will always be the same. So you can try different tactics and the way they play out will be entirely deterministic.
    2) This is a double-edged sword: if you need your opening move to stick (e.g. a 4-5 man stun with Palp) and you don't get it, you can't just retreat and try again. You'll need to change your team comp. I often switch around between TFP, Shore, Zid and RG in my Zader team while maintaining my core of Vader, Palp and Boba until I get good RNG rolling.

    This is for the exceptionally hard nodes (usually 11 and 12, but the oddball GW has a horrid node 6 or 9, which are scarier, because you don't know what you'll encounter on the final nodes).

    I only tend to preload 2 teams: my arena team (currently jedis) and my Zader team. What this means is that on hard nodes I have (1) their cooldowns available, and (2) they all start with some TM. Especially good for starting with TM is Sidious: past node 1, he will ALWAYS go first. The other teams I use are Maul/DN together (with whoever else, usually some tanks), and rebels. These are my cleanup teams.

    Sometimes, if the opponent in a hard node has a particularly nasty combo to open with, I throw a trash team in first: they will eat all the nasty cooldowns (e.g. Death Trooper's grenade, Baze's dispell aoe, Nihilus CD increase, Vader's aoe, etc.) and instantly die after that. It usually takes some messing around with this team to ensure the AI wastes the cooldowns (if they're too weak, the AI might use other abilities), but kills them all quickly so the specials are still on cooldown when the A-team goes. This is a double-edged sword as it also allows the AI to start with TM.

    Another tip for hard teams: take out the key toon and die. E.g. Jyn Erso or DN's lead are a pita. If you can murder them (past the tanks) at the cost of a whole team, that's ok: the second team doesn't have to deal with that leader ability, and often leaves the team without a leader ability at all. Similarly, if you can murder chirrut in a chaze combo, then your next team has a FAR easier time dealing with Baze, etc: don't think 1 team needs to do it all, just set specific goals for your teams, and then retreat and recombine until you can achieve that goal.

    On all nodes before 12, and if at all possible, especially on node 11: once the team is down to 1 or 2 toons, stop using specials, and only do basic attacks, so everybody gets to recharge their cooldowns as much as possible.

    Finally, my favourite GW toons:
    1. Boba. Even if he doesn't regain his buff during a battle if he dies, he starts the next node with his buff. And invariably the hard node has a Chaze, wich Boba is good at dealing with
    2. Zid. Takes about a million turns, regains health, and plops healing immunity on some of the nastier opponents (DN, zKylo, Chaze, although the last one doesn't work too well due to mass cleanses)
    3. Palp. Stun and shock are just plain fantastic.
    4. R2. Good against Zaul. Useful stun. Ghetto taunt on whatever toon you want. Also, stealth allows you to hit Fives, Kylo and SF without getting countered.
    5. Wiggs. No longer good as part of a standard team, but bringing them in to quickly snipe is great. Unlike Boba/DN they don't need any set up. Just bring them in and see if they can 1-shot the toon you need dead.
  • Acrofales
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    My usual sequence is:

    Node 1 with Jedis.
    Node 2-11 with Zader or Jedis.

    I tend to use Zader as my go-to team, but if there's a Wiggs team, I use Jedis (under zQGJ), because Biggs gets 100% tm every time an emipire toon hits him, which is a pita.

    Node 12 I play whatever works. Sometimes I rush through all of GW on cruise control. Sometimes I spend all of my train travel battling a single **** node. GW can take anywhere from 5 minutes to 1 hour to complete.

    Oh, and save 36 GW nodes for the guild daily GW day.

  • westenger
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    My strategy is this one

    i run phasma (l) geo soldier rey lumi qgj in node 1 to fill their tm in case I need them as backup in node 12, nodes 2-4 i run ackbar(l) biggs lando leia and jc or lumi if she lost all protection in nlde 1(which doesnt happen often) node 5 i bring palps (l) vader boba tfp and dooku/sidious/rg so the team gains tm for node 6, if i lose dooku/sidious at node6 i will sub the other for nodes 7, and 8, for node 9 if its hard i may sacrifice sthan, then node 10 bring in shore tp gain tm (trying to keep as much protection on him as possible) 11 sub out shore and throw in rey in cases where i cant beat it, and finally in node 12 throw in shore again and let him take all the hits for the team

  • banjo1071
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    I auto 1-5, 7,8,10 with Clones, 6 and 9 carefull with clones and bomb 11 with my a and b team. 12 is usually very easy...

    Bottemline: zCody und his boys make GW VERY easy, since they regain health and protectic with every basic move. I sometimes arrive at node 9 in full health and protection...They are a terrible grind, though...
  • NDSnyder
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    Most importantly, it is no victory march for a single team.

    I use 5 distinct teams, all synergise. Currently I use a 1 Jedi, 1 rebels, 1 Empire, 1 Sith and 1 mix Team. The weakest team has a cumulated power of 40k.

    The first 5 nodes I play them once to collect some TM, and from node 6, I use the team that counters my opponent the best. In most cases I lose 1-2 toons along the way, but I finish every time, and I always have an easy 12th node...
  • I use...
    Rebells (Wedge Lead, Biggs , Lando, Leia and R2) for node 1
    classic Droids (HK Lead, Nebit, Eng, Ig86, IG88) for node 2
    mixup Team (zNihilus Lead, zSid, zBoba, Rey, RG) for node 3
    my Empire Controlsquad (EP Lead, zVader, Tie Pilot, DT and Krennic) for the nodes 4-12. Switching to zVader lead if needet.

    Shoretrooper is standing by for backup if needet.

    Never losed an GW in months.

    Be sure to have your main skills ready for the nodes 6, 9 and 11/12.

    Atm I'am working on an troopersquad just for fun but I need to gear them first and put zetas on them.

    zKrennic (L), Snowtrooper, zDT, zVeers and Shore should also easy handle GW.

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