Time to change my investment strategy?

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My current investment strategy before finding these forums has been:
Cantina - chewwy shards in the game; shipments 10 so far in old daka (I used the first 25 to get a mob enforcer for the tank challenges)
Areana - Savage Opress - currently at 4* 30/65 towards the next star
GW - Luminara
Light/dark - concentrating on the gear I need then consular/chewwy with any left over points.

Reading these forums, the consensus seems to be darth sidious > savage opress and bobba/fives/ashoka > old daka, so I guess I'm asking:

1) should I continue with savage to get him up to 7* or ditch that and start on sidius?
2) should I stop getting old daka and get bobba/fives/ashoka?
3) should I concentrate on others in the light/dark game?

I'm FTP. currently level 46 with a a 4* darth maul/chewwy/savage opress, 3* luminara/talia/jawa 2* consular and a bunch of 2/1 stars that I got through the game.

I've bought one 8 pack of chromium and am saving to the next, but is it really better to use crystals for energy? It seems to me this may get you some 7* quicker, but you'll never get the chromium only characters then - or should I just accept that I'll never get all of them?

I'm hovering around 200-300 in the arena.

All help welcome.



  • From my view, you're game is highly salvageable....
    • You should certainly get Sidious, one of the best in the game in my view and get him cooking first thing.
    • Chewy will be time sensitive, don't farm shards for him anymore from here.
    • Build Luminara when possible since she's farmable pretty easily.
    • I'd also continue to build your Savage Opress as well for diversity.
    • You also have Luminara for healing but need someone to replace Chewy so farm Boba for now and resume Daka afterward.

    After that, you could build out in many directions but diversity is the key along with choosing characters you can farm easily and grow for Level 60 where the other monster teams are waiting for you....
  • Thanks for your reply - I'm on 56/65 for chewy, so I may as well get to 5* then stop with him.
    I can switch to boba - that's fine, but I can't farm savage and Sidious at the same time (well I could, but it would make things slower for both of them). Get to 5* with him too? Or just go for sidious now?

  • I'd go for Sidious first: his damage output is great, but most importantly, the immune to healing debuff is extremely powerful as a tool to focus down one enemy against all the multi-healer team comps. Level up his basic attack first, since that's his bread-and-butter.

    It's also worth pumping some upgrade points into Sid's leadership ability. The extra crit chance and damage is a really strong way to turn a fight. (And if you're able to level Savage after that, his crit synergy is nice).
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    Personally I have Boba but have yet seen why he is favored. One turn ability block from a low speed character does not impress me so much. Old Daka, on the other hand, must be killed first due to her revive passive and special. Even if her health is low, she is a very good choice still since you have maul, the hardest dps in the game who usually needs to de defeated. Maul should be the center of your team, and both Chewy (for a speedy taunt) and Daka (mess up priority/revive) have great synergy with him. In additional to those two, you need some fast or high hp dps to finish the kill. Such as savage, who, again, you already have!
  • Well. Daka will probably not make you arena team, but will appear in your GW teams at times, and is a mainstay for darkside. If you listen to the advice given here, you will struggle with darkside. If i could roll the clock back and do it all over again, here is what i would do from day 1.

    Farm Luke from Canteena node and Old Daka from Canteena Shipments.
    Farm Admiral Ackbar from Arena Shipments.
    Farm Liminara from GW shipment.
    I would farm all of these to 7 before doing anyothers. Once i accomplished that, I would farm Stormtrooper Han (AS) for Luke/Ackbar synergy for my Arena team of Ackbar (leader), Luke (DPS), Han (Tank and turn manipulation), Luminara (healer), and whatever else i had that could fit in (more dps, or even a 5s).
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