Pay to relocate Zeta

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Why it does not give us this option? Pay 500 crystals (or other value) to be able to remove and relocate.
Let's go EA/CG, you are losing money by not giving this option! You throw more zetas than it is possible to acquire. The whales will be happy to test your full gear Chewbacca with Zeta.


  • crzydroid
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    It would be much more than 500, given how long it takes to acquire a zeta and how there is no shortcut for whales.

    At least the cost of a vault (15,000), but maybe more because of markup for this sort of thing. So let's say 50,000.
  • 40k Fleetship token + you can keep the unwanted Zeta.
    You can test your ally toons every day in the challanges and earn ally points.
  • Striker
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    Why not? For testing you also spending high crystal pack for gear (1-11 tier). Devs dont sell zeta materials yet - so they dont lose $. Price cost can be for example 3500 crystals (7 day for 1st arena place), for others - $ for packs.
  • $100 seems fair.
  • They're not hard to farm, merely time consuming. Which isn't unreasonable given how bloated and overpowered they are.
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