Game Update - 2/10/2016


  • Pathetic. I'll keep the game for times I'm bored but I don't like slimy deceptivery gimicks. The event changes and nerfing my ability to sell useless junk is a money grab. I now know where my money will never go.
  • Did they changed GS's special ability cooldown from 1 to 2 turns ?

    Cause now on level 5 special ability he has 2 turn CD and before he had 1 turn CD..
  • I really like a lot of the new content and fixes in this update but I have one issue. I am now facing very hard teams in the Galactic War Campaigns. Every battle I am facing mid to high level 60+characters. I can usually get through 5 or 6 battles before I only have a few heros left. It was hard already but now it is impossible!
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    Galactic war ....great I now lose my best characters at the 4th nods rending the war useless and almost impossible to complete. I'm already annoyed and "autoplay" 70% of the game. If Galactic war is to become even harder it will probably push me to the point where I will delete the game. In the last few weeks I was only able to finish the war 25% of the time add to this that most of the missions is done on auto and even squad battle what's left to do ? Grinding grinding and grinding pay pay and you will win ! Maybe it's me , I use to play commander and after a month or two I deleted it because it got boring and repetetive. Heroes will probably have the same fate. BTW these last changes are nice (vfx). Thank you for the last 10 weeks and keep my $$ ;)

    Dude I'm at top of ranks and I stopped doing the war like u said its useless and a waste of time. The difficulty in that is a little nerve racking. I understand
  • U GUYS KILLED MY CREDITS bring it back 8,000 per 24 energy SMH CMONNNN
  • First off, I'm FTP, as I always will be with Disney affiliated apps since one I spent $ on went down without a warning. At this point I'm so happy I was not suckered into spending anything since this recent update only confirmed my worst fears that the game would become impossible to play without spending literally hundreds, if not thousands of USD.
    I'm happy you fixed many bugs. I'm happy you listened to P2P members regarding general gameplay and balance of characters. But I'm sorry to say that am not stupid and can see that the newest "beneficial" updates, especially those regarding what were once keycard battles is an unabashed attempt to force players to spend ridiculous amounts of cash. The Yoda challenge, requiring 5 Jedi characters who no one in their right mind would have considered collecting or promoting due to their general sucking, is a particularly brilliant move.
    I feel sorry for P2P players who have already lost their money on this game upgrading toons which are now proving, if not worthless, highly ineffectual.
    Congrats on creating a game that only the richest elite (or highly stupid) folks can play with any sort of saetisfaction. An additional congrats on the fabulous tactic of making it seem like players who had dedication and patience might have a moderate chance of succeeding. It was an amazing marketing hook for folks who feel that they should now spend major money to not feel like they lost several months of their lives on your product. You've made the most unscrupulous capitalist proud!
  • I will quit within a week if u don't boost the credits back up this is **** I spent way too much time and $ for u to screw me now! Old daka and admiral are finally ready to go up and now cause of ur stupid update I have to pay now or wait another two weeks?????? NO!!!!! fix it or im back to **** and BOOM only!!!!
  • ****=clash of clans (not a bad word fyi)
  • I also feel the credit and training bots events were severely nerfed. With so many characters to level up the events provided a valuable resource. Yes, you were guaranteed to make more credits than simply buying a credit pack, but isn't it the point that playing the event encourages to actually play the game more and therefore the reward is merited? Now for half the cost of energy you get like 1/8 the credits you got before and the same goes for the training bots. Makes no sense and defeats the purpose of having an "event" if not using it. And on top of that after a couple of games I can't play anymore because it won't let me, saying something about needing the required characters and no explanation about what is it that I need. Please fix this.
  • Again, I'm another who abhors the nerfing EA did to the regular events. These are key to those who don't wanna' spend any actual cash on the game (I've actually spent quite a bit on this, unfortunately), but I guess that's the idea -- to get everyone who won't pay to pay or quit. Well this person who's spent money on the game may quit soon unless some things change back.
  • Thanks for the updates, really glad that so many people are working behind the scenes on this game. As someone who has put money into the game I’m glad to see the investment is paying off with these improvements.

    People are always going to complain when you re-balance the game but I hope the Meta is always changing to keep the game fresh and to not just keep fighting the same team over and over.
  • Someone mentioned this above... they want you to keep unlocking new characters but even if you pay for 4 star characters, you still need to level them up to be competitive. Previously, you could level them up (at least gear them up) in a few days and then you can use them. Now? It's going to take 10x longer and all your other character progressions have to be put on hold while you work on one character you can't use for weeks. How is this a good feature in any way??

    Also, I don't mind the 5-jedi Yoda challenge. I actually kind of like the concept. What I don't like is in order to complete it, you need to have 5, 7 star jedis. Are you kidding me? I've been playing for months and I have bee trying to progress my team evenly across the board. Grinding pretty much 3 hours a day, I have a few 5 star characters (heading towards 6) and the rest are strong 4s. It will take me about 2 years to get five 7 star jedis.

    The changes in this update were way too far in the push to pay direction for a game that is still so young. F2Pers are simply going to drop the game. And P2Pers are getting equally **** as characters they've spent money on are now being greatly devalued.
  • I agree 100%!!!!!
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    You know what really grinds my gears? How I was getting 110k credits for 50 energy in the old events system.. Now i get 8500 credits for 25 energy in the new events system... this is the worst thing you could have done to us EA.. everybody, join me on this strike! Don't spend a single dollar on this game until they change this! They want you to have to spend more of your money! That was a very low blow EA! Fix this now!
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    New TBCredit Events - Must be a joke, right? Are you kidding? 24 Energy for 8.400-25.200 Credits? Over the half less than before when you're LUCKY.
    Shard Shop - Same thing. 1 - 10 ratio? That's ridiculous
    Battle Targeting - Doesn't work.

    Can't say something to the balancing of Poe and FOTP yet, but everything else works fine.
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  • I'm trying my luck with Yoda know on live twitch... wish me luck..
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  • I won't spend another virtual nickel till they fix this lameness! I'm with you 100%!
  • I can't lie, I really dislike the updates to Profit Mining and Training Droids. They just don't even seem worth it now.
    I love the fact that Yoda has been added into the game finally, but I need to get more higher starred Jedi before I even come close. Why make a requirement for your squad? If you only have one or two, it would just be almost impossibly difficult.
  • Hahaha gooooood job ea!;) best event everrrrrr:)))))) yoda event appears and then what? New limited offer only 60 euro to get 2 jedi, probably enough for everyone to have required 5 jedi characters...muahaha same funny as previous 11 euro for 100*21 days crystal bundle ****. Keep going to make it pay to play. GREEDY NERDS
  • Should I be facing squads in the GW that are 4-5 levels above me? I did during the fourth battle... I don't have the best squads but I lost two of them. Seems ridiculous since they basically wasted everyone.

    Prior to the update I made it to the last three battles with 8-9 toons. Now I make it to the fourth battle and lose 10-12.
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    The game is heading toward a direction where absolutely everything benefits the top players. The rich keep getting richer. #1 in Squad Arena shouldn't get 1,000 tokens and 500 crystals a day... how is that fair? They get enough to farm 20-25 free shards a day simply by existing as a player who shells out money, and now they're unbeatable.

    It's annoying. Re-balancing only tipped the scales in the top-level players' favor.
    The 7th promotion was completely unnecessary. Almost all of the update was.
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  • i agree with nicolefickle
  • The new update is very, very, very unfair.. I want a refund for all the money I spent on your dam Crystals and you can take back all the useless shards I only received and **** characters I got. Until then, my new 1-star review will stay on the app store (before it was a 5-star review, btw).
  • Failure, first event is.

  • I dont mind the updates. I have been grinding daily for weeks now and have built up a solid squad (not nearly as high as some of you) and have had no problem with credits. My beef with the update is all the MK 3 material I had built up and stashed completely disappearing. I had maxed out abilities and was waiting to level up high enough to use them and then over a months worth had completely disappeared and now I have under 10. Pretty annoying/
  • Really great update, overall. Lot's of fan-feedback taken seriously, lots of bugs fixed, lots of really good improvement. Thanks.

    The minor nerfs of Phasma and FOTP hurt my A-team a bit, since they're the two most important chars in it ... but I guess they weren't unjustified. I just hope they don't get nerfed much more in the future. Personally I find Dooku in much more need of a nerf ... but I'm still a few levels short of endgame, so it might be different there.

    The two new characters look amazing. And Yoda seems to have an *insane* speed ... but the prerequisites to have a upgraded full-jedi team to get him make him a lot more difficult to aquire for some players than for others ... not sure if there would have been a fairer way. I only have a single 6-star Jedi char atm :/.
  • Wow that Yoda is overpowered. And limited time? So If someone joins the day after the timed event they'll face a horde of Yoda led teams they can never compete with? And if you are playing now and don't want to or can't pay you're dogmeat too.

    Seems like extortion when you are given the pressure of a limited timeframe and are presented with a single (overpriced) solution to all your troubles.

    Pure EA.
  • Fix dodge and deflection rating stats next please!!
  • A great update. Some great bug fixes and I'm looking forward to getting Yoda and future challenges. It seems to me the shard drop rate in completing cantina battles has dropped. I recently used up full energy twice and only got one shard. Has anyone else noticed this or did I just hit a string of bad luck? Thank you for a fun game!
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    A great update. Some great bug fixes and I'm looking forward to getting Yoda and future challenges. It seems to me the shard drop rate in completing cantina battles has dropped. I recently used up full energy twice and only got one shard. Has anyone else noticed this or did I just hit a string of bad luck? Thank you for a fun game!

    Same here except for me it was 3 full energy and only 1 lonely shard. Same for hard battle shard farming as well.. 480 energy and 1 SHARD! 0-jka 0-mace 1-gundi. 1!!! And I payed crystals twice to reset attempts back to three. They def lowered drop rate. Why wouldn't they?
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