Some character help from the community

I believe I have decent characters, but I can't seem to pick my best team / leader. I've been using Ima 4* 47 as my leader with consular 4* 47 and luminara 3* 47 with various other lvl 47 characters. Here are my top characters I can build from. Any input would really help and also if I should upgrade a lower star or level character to make a better team I'm open to that of course. Thanks in advance!

Stars. Lvl. Name.
4 47 Ima gun di
4. 47. Cad Bane
4 47. Darth maul (recent add still upgrading equip)
4. 47. Consular
4. 47. Talia
3. 47. Luminara
4. 46. Old Daka
3. 46. Manga guard
3. 46. Mob Enforcer
4. 45. Chewie
4 45 IG 86
4. 42. Ackbar
3. 41. Kit Fisto
4. 40 storm trooper Han
4. 30. Ugnaught

Also have 3* veers, Leah, and hoth rebel not upgraded yet and a few other 2 and 1 star lower characters not listed here (example 3 star Qui gon, 3* IG 88)


  • Well you can build a pretty solid Jedi team
    Ima (leader)
    Kit Fisto
    Maybe Cad Bane. You don't really have a clear pick for the last slot
  • Yeah that last slot has really stumped me. Maybe I should farm for Sid or someone else? It would seem I have enough good characters to have one good one to add on my roster.
  • Agree on the Jedi team. 86 Hits fairly well I have him at 3* I like his call for help on the special and his basic crits a lot. With the healers he can really help. Honestly though Chewie, given your team is not bad as a Tank/deterant as people heal since those guys are not the highest health wise.

    I had put together a team

    Lumia 3*
    Mace,Barriss, Opress and Secura all 4*. It walked through an entire Galactic war. Lumia is great for healplus attack. Barriss Is a solid healer, her hit is not too big though, but she can take a ton. Mace and Savage are pure powerhouses and Secura is a nice combo of tough, self heal and hit. I just got Sid today at 4* so now it is tough though.
  • Sid is a great fit for any team. I was just working with the heroes you already had.
  • Thanks for the help. So I'm hearing farm Sid and use Chewie for now?
  • Farm Sid big time. I like Chewie for your squad given the fact your top players are a bit lower health.

    Ima Lead

    Then mix/Match 86,Maul, Chewie, Kit.

    Many go low on Chewie. I don't think he hits like he should, but I like to use him to draw fire as I wait for a heal cooldown and/or as I focus in on 1 target. He can take a beating and has that self heal. Maul has that AOE I love as it can clear a round for you and does do great cross damage to help you pick down, but he is not tough. 86 I'm really just starting. I just got the droid pack so look forward to him with ** and HK plus Magna, but I literally just Harvested Luke so spent a ton to get him up cred and droid wise. I poped 86 in a team with Lum, and others you do not have and he did well for me.

    Ima has your strongest leader ability in my opinion, though I like Lum as a leader(I do not have Ima sadly) Lum is just a great combo. JC has the self and team heal so is ok. If you have Lums heal at Level 3+ you might even want to try

    Gives you heal, good leader, a Tank and 2 solid hitters.

    I play with combos myself makes it fun. I stay in the top 20 in Arena though. If I chose to just level out 5 I could likely go for 1. I was at 2, 4, 5, 7. I have 11 though at 4* Gear 5+ in just about 2 weeks of gaming with 9 more I'm working up that are at Gear 4. I'm going for 4 strong teams that gel well.

    Hope it helps. Have fun. May the force be with you.
  • Thanks for all that great info darth! I think I'll try the Ina, lum, chewie, maul, 86 and see how it goes. I'm not currently doing well in arena.
  • Anytime.

    The Arena team I used until Sid(today) and Lum(yesterday) was

    Shifted to

    I want Ima bad though.
  • Ima is pretty awesome and one of my favs. Now I need Sid badly and I'm getting close! Would like Barriss but I far from that right now and no characters packs to buy anymore.
  • Maul won't work for you at 4*... trust me..he only have 3700+ hp at 4* . Opponents or AI are generally gona nuked him down, unless you are running 2 healers..then it would be fine. But you are running Savage too and your team is clearly lacking firepower upfront although he can take soooo many hits. I rather you replace Savage with another hard hitter like compliment Sid as your leader. Just my 2 cents :wink:

    If your ldr is Ima, then i don't see why you should not be working on an all Jedi team. At higher tiers, all Jedi team is a pain in the ****!

  • You combine multiple teams. Savage hits way harder than Cad. I rarely use Maul because of hius health. Savage as I have him hits basic well over 1k every time and special 2800-3200 cad does not come close
  • If I had Ima I would be running him, Barriss, Lum, Mace, Secura
  • I'm going to try for an all Jedi team. I need to get savage it sounds like. Time to find and farm sav now. I'll work on building up maul till he is beyond 4* he dies too fast now.
  • Savage is sith. I assume sav won't get a boost from ima as a leader?
  • Honestly I'd not waste resources on Maul. I can't see his health getting there. I'd build better ones up. His AOE is great, but just too easily killed to warrant the investment, for me anyway. I ran an all Jedi team of Tano, Barriss, JC, Secura, Mace Barriss as Lead they were hard to kill. I subbed out Tano for Lum to try it, it worked well. I have Guardian, Kit, and Qui but not really leveled them past early/Mid 30's
  • Thanks for that insight. I'll level up kit first since I have him at 3* lvl 42. Next I'll work on getting another Jedi. Barriss or qui (though my qui is only 2 star now).
    I'm also close to activating Ashoka and Aayla. Is one of those worth it ?
  • Darth what level are you? Ur savage hits like a tank :D
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