Will this team be viable?

So ive been running Zader in arena for quite a long time now. So no i will NOT change my leader to zaul or nihilus or whatever. However, my current line up of TFP, Zader, Palpatine, Rex, and Shore isnt helping me much against all the rex lead, zaul lead, and chaze on my shard. So im thinking of replacing Rex and TFP with sith assassin and death trooper. I know both of the two i just said are undergeared however im working on them right now. basically, would a team of Zader, Palpatine, Shoretrooper, Sith Assassin, and Death Trooper perform well? heres my roster: https://swgoh.gg/u/deadstormtrooper/


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    I stay in the top hundred for the most part, and the top hundred consists of mostly rex lead, zaul lead, and wedge lead, with a few resistance and first order teams and other various misc. teams. My shard is rather diverse thank goodness
  • I run death trooper and he's really good against Rex and buff squads. His AoE dispels all buffs and those not buffed get cooldowns increased. He's also really good for the wiggs combo to stop the bonus tm. I would replace Rex for him and see how that goes.
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