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Attacked a fellow player in arena today.

I had my trusty, well modded, fully geared 4-FOUR zeta'd first order team at hand.

Up against a Zader lead, tfp, palp, maul, sith trooper. Grand total of 1 ONE zeta.

I think I was able to press 'basic attack ' only once for phasma before the match was finished.


Star Wars, galaxy of balance & reward for effort.

Spare me.


  • Hahaha Zader ftw! I know its not helpful but since i run Zader i love hearing sucess stories xD
  • Mzee
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    Someone is complaining about Zader? Did I step back in time 6 months?
  • Neo2551
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    You obviously never faced Rex Chaze DN GK :)
  • Mzee wrote: »
    Someone is complaining about Zader? Did I step back in time 6 months?

    lol! That's exactly what I was thinking :D
  • ya I spent a long time on First Order, I swapped them into arena 3 weeks ago and swapped out my jedi. I still (usually) hit top 20 at payout, just like I did with my jedi, the difference is now instead of falling to 40th I fall to 60th lol. Good times. Oh well, they're fun to play, and I get to be the odd one out on the shard running something completely different. But ya, they can be a bit disappointing some battles... It's the price you pay for not chasing the meta, that's the way I see it.
  • We all have battles like that when the (rubbish) rng goes against you and the other squad has 2-3 turns before you even get to your first attack. Just move on and resist the temptation to throw your phone against the wall.

    At least that squad makes sense though rather than a mishmash of toons thrown together that work because of some blind monk standing behind a massive tree trunk...
  • Lol.

    Am aware that zaders old news, but after teaching my children swear words due to DODGE DODGE DODGE DODGE DODGE DODGE STEALTH DODGE STEALTH DODGE STEALTH DODGE, I then started playing against...... I don't even know what repeated capitalised words to use for Rex Baze gk Nihilus chirrut but yeah them.

    Thought a Zader team would be a breath of fresh air.


    Stupid game.
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