Best rebel team for Tank Raid?

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So I wanna put together a good rebel team specifically for the non pvp aspects of the game, I've pretty much got the gear for Wedge and Biggs set aside, I just need a few Stun Cuffs and to star up Wedge, but I don't really know what to do for the other 3 slots, I could bring R2, but I feel like he's better off with my Jedi
This is what I've got to work with, I might just gear up Han since he's an easy 7*


  • LordInuy
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    I play wiggs leia aa e palp for phase2 and phase4, in normal tank. I can deal 6/7milion damage in phase 4, 3 milion on phase 2.
    In normal tank, in heroic i don't know, we don't play it in my guild
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