Counter Team

Just wondering if anyone has tried or come across a counter style team. It would have

Ima Gun di as Leader
Kit Fisto
Count Dooku
Aayla Secura

Would seem very difficult to play against...


  • These are certainly viable and I have run into them before. But they require $$$ to get and upgrade.
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  • Skye
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    Ran into one such group in the galactic war.. They're kinda countered by having team members that can offense down them, and then increase the defense of your team...

    With no healer available this team would become very easy to defeat, annoying but easy to defeat.

    It'll look scary to anyone who's never faced them before but to people who have encountered them not really

    Given the large number of Jedi in the team... an appropriately setup team will rip it apart utilising stuns and debuffs.
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