Another cantina shipment thread (FTP)

Yeah, I've read them all, but I am still undecided about where to go from here. I pretty much need an end game arena viable hero from cantina shipments.

I've been working on old daka (45/80). Not end game arena viable I am told, but needed to complete the dark side missions. Also good for GW.

Fives - I could get him in a week, which would help pre end game.

Boba fett - would take 2 weeks even with daily crystal investment, but of course 4* so for end game purposes that matters not.

Basically the questions are:

(1) finish daka first, or come back to her later?
(2) fives or boba?


  • If you can't do all the missions/challenges/GW at your level keep I think you need to finish Daka. Those are more important now because they'll help you get to the end game. I started with Daka and switched to Fives because I have a very strong dark side (Talia heals enough) and my light side team was meh and I only had 2 tanks. I'll come back to Daka after Fives is unlocked. I think Fives can be solid end-game. I realize that Boba is more fun and arguably better overall on offense but I feel like Fives is a better defensive option and I'd rather have to work hard to win attacks and have a chance to win a defense then have easy wins on attack and no shot on D.
  • Thanks. FWIW, I am winning GW but daka would help with dark side and cantina, and make sure I'd keep winning G W. Fives would help with all of that also but less so. I'm good on 4 of six challenges; daka would help me with one of the other two, but fives would help with the other one.
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